The Rich Are Preparing, They Know, Bitcoin & Gold Counters [CB] - Ep. 2471a

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Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^

[JB] is pushing the destruction of the economic system as we know it, Trump and the patriots wanted this, this way it creates a crisis, with a crisis you can then make the case of why we need to move away from the [CB] system. The rich are already preparing. The countermeasures are gold and bitcoin.


Thanks again for bringing us the @x22report. I guess unprotected sex is out of the question.

Silver is even better- trading at 66 oz per one ounce of gold- anything above 50 you buy silver- when the ratio drops below 50 you buy gold- IMHO

Gold and Silver will bring the Central Bank Owners to their knees... I can't say that about any of the Crypto's... Crypto's will never be "Stable" the way Gold and Silver will become "Stable"... You should stop leading anyone into Crypto's, because I think they will all Suffer, once our Electronic Coinage is Activated...
May 7, 2021... 12.2 Hollywood Time...