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Cryptocurrency will make me what? really? no really? are you serious? I don't understand? is this FUD? come on stop it!

I think we may need to take a moment to change our visions with crypto. Don't take me wrong, I do want to get rich!! However, we need to be aware of making money takes time and building a portfolio takes time.
No 1% loan daily from Biconnect
No Pump and Dump groups
No doge coin or paccoin

It takes research, it takes time to listen to others, and it takes some work. Don't FOMO into other Youtubers pumping their coins. Is it so hard to research where to invest your money? why blindly following others?
This week the market is down, do you trust where you left your money? Do you believe that your coin will go back up?

Yes, I do! I invested in some good companies, I believe they will recover! I have researched them and they have real people behind those projects.

One good example is NEO, January 2017 it was around $0.12 and today NEO is over $140 ( if you had invested only $600 bought 5000 Neos today you would have $700,000!

Plus you earn free gas and you could have increased your position! Yes, crypto can make smart and patient people rich or make them some good money!!

I'm not a financial advisor, I do ask people to do research before investing!

Have a great day!!

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