⏳ NEW EVIDENCE Confirming SETH Rich's DEATH ⛓️ Linked to DNC E-mail Releases from WIKILEAKS 💧 #SethRich

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⏳ Compelling NEWs on SETH's DEATH ⛓ as Linked to DNC E-mail WikiLeaks 📧 Releases💧 

VIDEO ↪️ BOMBSHELL INFORMATION On Wikileaks Source  ↩️  👀    

Incredible info is coming out about one of the most interesting stories this year- Info further linking Seth Rich's suspicious death to his whistle-blowing leak of the DNC emails through Wikileaks. 

This info vindicates critical thinkers aka 'conspiracy theorists' who've been calling out fake narratives handed to us by governments, and government-supported media. #SethRich

Seth worked with the DNC for two years as Director of Voter Expansion and is largely credited for the leak of 20,000+ DNC emails to Wikileaks. The leak exposed that the supposedly neutral governing organization strategized with the Clinton campaign, plotted against Bernie Sanders & more.

A federal investigator who reviewed the FBI forensic report (including the contents of Seth's computer) said Rich did in fact contact Wikileaks through (also recently-deceased) Gavin McFayden- an investigative reporter & a director of Wikileaks at the time.

Early morning on July 10th 2016, Seth Rich was found beaten and shot twice in the back as he walked home from his girlfriend’s house. He was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time of his murder.

The DC police classified his death as a 'botched robbery' but his his wallet, phone, and watch were not stolen.
Rich was found with bruises on his face, knees and hands, leading them to believe that he defended himself and fought back.

A former police homicide detective Rod Wheeler was hired by Rich's family to investigate Seth's death. Wheeler claims the police investigation was a cover-up and that it appears they were told to "stand down" on the case. 

Wheeler also said there is tangible evidence on Seth's laptop to confirm he had communication with Wikileaks

12 days after Rich's death, Wikileaks released the cache of DNC emails.

The Democratic party still refuses federal agents from accessing the hacked email servers which could uncover the digital footprints between Wikileaks and Rich. 

John Podesta who was Clinton's campaign manager had insanely voiced his support for 'making an example' of a suspect- even if the allegations were baseless!
The DC police department still doesn't seem to be cooperating with investigations.
Fox News is claiming the DC PD won't talk with them about Seth.
Seth's laptop is said to now be with the FBI or  the PD.

On August 9th 2016, Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Rich’s murderer.

Connecting the dots, it seems likely that Seth Rich was murdered for giving information to Wikileaks. 

One hour after the new information came out, the Washington Post ran a fake news story claiming Trump revealed classified info to a Russian Foreign Minister.  

Hillary's former campaign manager John Podesta is a writer for the WAPO..  Coincidence?

Share this important story,  so we can shape an uncensored, truthful narrative- helping to bring justice for whistle-blowers who many of us regard as heros. Let's also hold Trump to his promise of throwing Hillary in jail!

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Excellent piece, @jamesc1 sent me the link to your video. Upvoted and now following.

Great work! People are plainly getting sick and tired of lies, misrepresentation, oppression, suppression, muzzles and so fourth... let the light shine brighter than ever.

I was going to upvote, but then I realized I don't like all of the icons muddying up the titles on muh feed. It looks amateur. ;)

Wow, this an important story that needs more people to read it, thanks, followed and upvoted.

No doubt is the same ppl that r behind the "Russian conspiracy". They r trying very hard to keep this from not coming out to the public.

Very readable! Thank you so much.

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