When you are rich, keep in mind the rules that Allah has assigned you as a Muslim

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Nice to say rich people? Glad when other people give special judgment because of your treasure? Glad when people listen to you more because of your money? But has it ever occurred to you whether God is pleased with your wealth?

Yes, you should think wisely about everything God gives you, because the wealth you have is a mandate from Him, then don't just be happy but make sure you are wise to look after it.

Because not a few times today people are aware that he is rich, but never know what responsibilities he must fulfill.

Though, rich is not because you can buy the world and everything, but when the world can't buy you and can't make fun of you.

So, even though it is true in the human eye that you are a rich person, or even a very rich person, still control your heart to remain wise, do not be arbitrary and never exchange Allah's rules with the rules of the world for a moment.

Never be fooled by the glitter of the pleasures of the world, because the world is only temporary, and surely every thing you have in this world will God question in great detail and fairness.

Therefore, take care of your heart to always be ordinary to like the matter of wealth, the matter of money, the matter of office, and the matter of power, because the real rich are not seen from what they have when in the world, but seen from how much your heart goodness in His way.

Because it is not a treasure that will surely be brought to death, but the good deeds that we always do well and sincerely.

Then strive for yourself to realize that the most valuable and everlasting wealth is the wealth of heart and pious deeds, because by remembering your heart will be soft to be able to control the heart to remain wise.

Because it is not rich in name if it only appears to have enough on the outside, but the state of his heart is empty with good deeds, his heart is arid by sincerity and patience.

Whereas God sees man through his heart, then for what is like a rich outer state, but a poor-poor heart.

You must know, that the real rich person is when he is able to make himself valuable before God with all kindness, not only valuable in the eyes of man with a lot of wealth alone.

Therefore, When you are rich, keep in mind the rules that Allah has assigned you as a Muslim, don't let you lose your faith and your Islam with the happiness of the mortal world.

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