what If You Rich.

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what to do if you find a $ 26.9 nonillion Diamond Planet's and you became rich, let me tell you what I would do if I had that much money

"If I have much money "I have no worry😌😌about scammer anymore"hey scammer take all my money I don need a bank anymore😁😁😁😁. I can buy 1000 hotdog. I can buy the whole restaurant of KFC in front of my house I don need a kitchen"I don need a room because all I went to is my house if I went to your house and it will become my house. I can buy anything I buy 1 condo no!" 10 condo "no I buy a country Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand Russia no not "Russia" "it a not good to buy because maybe I can get killed by a nuclear if I buy Russian also I can buy North Korea no "Kim jong-un

must have launched a nuclear to Malaysia if I did that"😰😰😰... "don worry Kim Jong-un I'm not gonna buy your country but" I would have bought North Korea when you are looked slim soon" 🚿🚿... Maybe I should just be kind😌😌, donate to the mosque, give people a house but I am will became like Mr beast a YouTuber or Bill Gates a great leader and I will be a top 10 world best great leader is also the richest guy on the planet, everyone happy just like in the movie the will be a "happy ever after"("this is too far broo.."😰). Now, what if..., I buy a half land of the planet the sound like Antarctica I like the cold place, but why I want to stay at Antarctica is too cold😷😷😷... I don like to cold...

maybe I will be like an Iron Man you know😋😋😋😋 create a team like avengers and buy alien

to destroy the earth☄☄☄🌋🌋. Maybe I buy Hollywood and change to Hollyhally. Is kind like weird if a change to😌😌 Holly hally let put in back...............

.there you go just like normal. Just think if Mr beast uses a drone to throw money but

I will use a plane😎😎😎😎

full of money" rain all over Malaysia, this we are awesome😋😋😋... I don't need to work just sitting in the house like a king, my house will be like a white house" my house is full of an army" "I am the most protected people on the planet "hahaha😎😎😎😎... I don need to went far maybe I just build in front house is Etihad Stadium, right is the biggest shopping mall connected with a bridge true my house also up is the airport mostly like a small plane or helicopter. In case the earth is not safe down my house I bought a rocket ship that can fit 1 state of Malaysia
... I need better parking! so I bought all the condo parking to park all my car maybe I park all at my airport😎😎😎. "What if someone tries to rob my house If someone robs my house" I will call WWE superstar "TheShield"......

to make a tournament here vs robber or I just can a commando elite squad unit to catch the robber. The school

will be a nice place because I will buy all the school in Malaysia. I will put wifi, Xbox, Ps5, Pc full setup in the computer room. The school canteen shop is KFC, Md, Starbuck, Wander coffee all free. no payment for school! "no book and homework except for form 5" sauna and steam at the toilet. 24 hours air-condition no limit I pay all...This we are like a heaven for all children😎 for people who are working I buy all holiday so all holiday

is the same as the school holiday so all can spend all the time with family in Malaysia if you can.

I hope you enjoy and don forget to see next about out of scene Salman to Malacca "coming soon" you are welcome to comment I wrote for fun.

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