Quick update before the Q3 report is published next week

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Our eagerly awaited Q3 report is due to be published next week, so to help get you over the weekend, we asked our teams to give you a quick sneak peek at what they've been up to lately.

As you know, our new platform is slated for launch in Q4 of this year, so here's a quick update from our developers.

The development of our platform is going well and all major features have already been implemented. The platform has been build from the ground up and was designed to be easily expandable, so that new products and features can be easily added. At the moment the focus is on ensuring the platform has a clean and intuitive user interface. Another current focus area is security, both blockchain and web application related, with external consultants auditing and advising us in this area.

Our AI trading bot is still in its early days, however exciting changes are coming. Here's what the AI bot team have been up to lately.

In September we took the first steps towards a solely AI-based trading bot. Using machine learning techniques, a real-time AI bot will be developed purely with our in-house knowledge. This bot will anticipate the market in advance, decide when to invest and when not to invest using the qualitative and quantitative knowledge and data on which it has been trained and will, unlike human traders, make these decisions 24/7/365, without emotions, personal biases or fatigue getting in the way.

Market making and arbitrage is our flagship product and has been rock solid from day one. That doesn't mean it cannot be improved. One ongoing challenge has been increasing the fund's utilisation rate in a low volume, bear market environment, so here's how the team have been tackling this issue.

In past couple of weeks we have extended our market making activities to 13 exchanges. Furthermore, we have decided to extend our market making activities to crypto futures markets and we are currently in testing phase with objective to fully include futures by the end of November. The liquidity on the crypto markets has remained low, nevertheless we have managed to take advantage of the increased volatility in XRP and traded very profitably in the second half of September.

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