Final Trading Period and New Platform Launch

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In light of the upcoming introduction of our new RIALTO.AI platform we are informing all existing users of the current platform that the current trading period (15.10.2018 - 28.10.2018) will be the last one on the existing platform.

The upgraded platform which will offer improved user experience, additional account features and new trading products will launch on 1st of December 2018. In this post we will explain what will happen during the migration process and how it will affect you.

Final Trading Period on

The current trading period, which is ending on 28th October 2018, is the last one allowing you to use the algorithms, set your exposure levels and process withdrawals/deposits. After that time your options will be limited to deposits and withdrawals via customer support. This is very important since the funds that you leave on the existing platform will be automatically migrated to your account on the new platform. Funds allocated to MM/ARB are kept in the 12 DAP assets, whereas funds allocated to AI Bot are kept in USD.

Trading on the current platform will continue normally until the 28th October 2018. After this date, the website and the platform will remain accessible, however algorithm allocation features will be disabled. During the last period, users are able to normally request profit or trading asset withdrawals, which will be processed on 29th October. Any other support inquiries will continue to be answered and solved on an ongoing basis.

Function on platformXRL DepositsWithdrawals funds/profitsWithdrawals XRL tokensAlgorithm Allocation settings
Available until1st December28th October28th October28th October
In the case of no user actionAutomatically transferred to the new platformAutomatically transferred to the new platformAutomatically transferred to the new platformSet to 0 when the new platform launches on 1st December

Existing User Accounts and Assets will be automatically transferred

Existing user accounts will be migrated to the new platform, meaning that the users will retain their verification status and only a password change will be required. Assets of existing users will also be migrated to the new platform without any action required on their part. Anyone who does not submit a withdrawal request of their assets from the platform by 28th October will automatically have their assets available on the new platform as of 1st December 2018.

November’s Offline Period and Release of New Platform’s Functionalities

During November’s offline period, the algorithms, user accounts, and assets will be migrated to the new platform, which will be running in closed beta. During that time, we will also release several posts explaining the new platform features and functionalities as well as publish a number of explainer videos to help prepare everyone to use the platform at launch.

On the 1st December 2018 the new platform will go live for all existing and new users.

We are very excited to be starting the transition to our new platform and we can’t wait for you to try it. Hopefully you share our enthusiasm as we start a new chapter in our journey towards becoming a fully licensed crypto trading and investment platform. We have lots of exciting announcements in the pipeline for the next couple of days and weeks, so be sure to stay tuned.

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