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I am not warm,
In fact I got a cold shoulder,
A lump of coal under my arm,
Heart is a gold bolder,
Whispered in her ear,
This is what I told her,
Come on baby light my fire,
But first lets make it colder,
She led me down into her screen,
Mortal in the machine,
I asked her for the keys,
And then she told me everything,
About how this place is a dream,
And we are all on the same team,
She plugged me into Source,
Gave me my own live stream,
This realm is all deciet,
So will you bite the hand that feeds,
Will you get up off your knees,
Or will you simply kick and scream,
If we believe we can achieve,
We will create what we concieve,
Cause all we really have,
Is our self and our reprieve,
So dive in and retrieve,
Or float down the ravine,
Just make sure you remember
What it means to be human being!!!

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