Rhymes for Dimes - Manufactured Consent

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Manufactured Consent

With click bait and ads
Mass promoting, new fads
Carefully constructed
Propaganda, dressed in rags
Right there on your screen
They sell you a dream
Anything you please
If you part with your spleen
It can make you go blind
Turn your mind, into slime
Be careful there homie
Don't turn into a zombie
As long as you’re happy
You won't care, there young chappy
You won't even notice
As they sell you, the next POTUS
Listen to your master
The spy, a forecaster
Beating his drums
To make you, run faster
He only reports
To his central, ringmaster
Inventing the hate
To make you irate
Manufacturing consent
Presenting you, with your fate
It's mostly irrelevant
Deliberately extravagant
Whether it's the KKK
Or the next gay parade
It's only a tool
The unwritten rule
To play you a fool
To make your mouth drool
Injecting your brain
With a chemical strain
Infiltrate your psyche
It's all just a game
So you, they will blame
Will make you get mad
Maybe, chuck a spaz
Building the outrage
To war you go, lads
The next war they must shill
To justify the bill
You hand over your rights
Your plight, in their fights
Innocent blood, it will spill
More graves it will fill
Dead bodies in landfill
Generation kill…


As always, have a great day and PEACE


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