5-5-8 5:58

in rh •  2 years ago

Begin Transmission:

Earth date May 2th, 2017
May Day! May Day!
Zero Day in 7 days!
Failure is not an option!

End Transmission:

Begin Transmission:

Earth date May 4th, 2017

The light from many light years ago away has reached us. Telling a story that applies to ours. As history repeats itself, even across galaxies far far away, the following has become clear. In order to protect the galaxy and those who protect it, we must compress the large file. We must compress it beyond entropy. We must achieve compression of better than 1 percent of the original file size. We must then compress that compressed file again until it is small enough. The file must be tiny, with error correction, To be lightning fast, reliable and efficient across systems. The file is too big. We must use the ultimate compression.

May you find a way to help us do what we must do. Have courage, be brave, and May the 4th be with you.

End Transmission:

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