What is Red Falcon

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Red Falcon Introduction

Red Falcon is a next generation decentralized, deflationary, utility & reward token built initially on Binance Smart Chain that aims to incentivize investors and help everyone enter the crypto space safely. At the heart of the $RFN Ecosystem, for every transaction a 6% fee is redistributed to all existing holders. This incentivizes all hodlers and rewards people that stay on board. A 1% portion of every transaction will mainly support & empower women and children around the world through our partnerships with nonprofit organizations. $RFN's initial supply of 100 billion tokens will be burned down from the first day after launch in a massive way. Tokens are burned automatically with a 2% share of all transactions sent to a dead wallet. By listing our $RFN token on ChangeNow. It is possible for our investors to make payments worldwide with our token. It is more important than ever to offer maximum added value for investors and to stand out from the gray crowd. $RFN token investors are holding a jewel that is increasing in value every day.


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