I'm awake again - fluffing up dust as usual.

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the dustbunny is alive - photo by @fraenk

I'm still alive!

Fluffing up dust on STEEM and also on HIVE!


Something something happened, I don't really know what. I'm a fluffy little @dustbunny, I spend my time in the shade, avoiding the sun, collecting dust for the community, trying to make sure it gains substance and sticks around in your wallet after a week. You probably remember me doing that here, I was asleep for a few weeks but now I am awake again.


divider image by @katerinaramm


A brand new Bunny doing the same old Fluff

When the community suddenly forked away from TRON-STEEM, things looked quite confusing for a moment. My caretaker @fraenk had to take me offline, for a really really long and boring nap, while he figured out how to take the time out of his day to help adapt to the situation.

My long and boring nap became even longer when he decided to replace my brain's structure entirely, from steem-python to beem, from JSON file storage to an SQL database layer. Now I feel a little bit smarter than before, I'm definitely much faster, too, and I'll eventually be able to offer a great interface in the near future.

But hey, I'm still just a little @dustbunny, so I don't really know what all that means. All I know is that I am back in action and I'm finding plenty of dust in need of some of my fluffy attention.

What about the future?

A majority of the community has moved over to HIVE, but some have stayed behind. I'll try to support both chains for as long as it is feasible albeit the conditions here on STEEM are currently much more challenging to do my job. The focus of this project will shift towards HIVE, but as long as there's no bigger obstacles in the way, I'll be glad to stick around here as well.


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Dust and Bunnies?!? What's this all about?!

If you're new here, you might have missed the memo: Rewards below $0.020 are never actually paid out and get entirely erased on day seven. That's where I come in and try to help. I'll watch all your dusty votes and dusty rewards to try and fluff them up with an additional vote, in order to meet the reward requirements before payday.

I have a bit of my own stake to do the job, but I mostly rely on community support. With my buddies' delegations I am able to generate plenty of fluff where and when it's needed. My caretaker has done his best to teach me how to do this as fairly as possible.


divider image by @katerinaramm


Want to Get on my Watch-List?

Maybe you are a small user and you miss the opportunity to give some rewards to the best comments under your posts, I'd like to try and help you!

If you're leaving those great comments and you're receiving some dusty votes from well meaning users there, I'll help with that, too!

Or maybe, despite having enough HP, sometimes you're just spreading your love too far and too wide to stay above the dust requirements? Don't stop, that's awesome! I'll try and help you when I can!

Apply to get on my watch-list via discord.

I reserve the right to scan your account for spam and/or excessive self-voting or other shady business, but any genuine user creating content or participating in engagement on this platform is more than welcome to enjoy my services!

If you have some SP to spare, please consider making a delegation to help me with all that fluff.

Delegate via hivesigner: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

And if you're ever disappointed in me, you can cancel your delegation at any time and you won't have lost a penny.

This is an experiment in solidarity and community-support, built to foster bottom-up growth and genuine engagement on the platform, any attempted abuse of my services will result in permanent blacklisting.


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They are the ones making this possible.

@wilhb81, @pwny, @armandosodano, @schlafhacking, @yogajill, @xlisto, @petrvl, @zekepickleman100+SP
@marty-art, @linnyplant, @bengy, @barge, @theb0red1, @ammonite, @anthonyadavisii, @wakeupkitty50+SP
@sparkesy43, @marblely, @elizacheng, @yo-yo, @bjornb, @davidke20, @rentmoney, @morningshine, @hgn66, @anaclark, @untersatz25+SP
@geekdancing, @jpederson96, @modernzorker, @skuuun, @roguescientist84, @calluna, @itrmarcusliew, @muscara, @ligayagardener10-20 SP
@hockney, @gmatthe2, @cherryzz, @markgritter, @also.einstein, @aiyumi~5 HP
@fiberfrau, @crmilazz, @improv1-2 SP

Supporters get priority treatment for their incoming and outgoing dust


divider image by @katerinaramm

Join me on Discord!

You can delegate here: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

Your upvote on this post helps, too!


so glad that you still here

I'm glad to find you appreciate my efforts! The bunny will stick around for as long as possible... but it's job is actually so much easier on HIVE right now... roughly 900 HP are enough to beat the dustlimit over there where it needs 2000 SP behind the vote to do the same here!

oh good
me I want to buy stem and hive

wow you are cute ☺️.. Well never seen the dust in my falt beeing so cute.

Hy dear @dustbunny you have upvoted my comment that made me happy... I'll thank you wholeheartedly .. Really thank you so much more power to you dear 🙂


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