Bit of Change in Reward System on steemit !!!

in reward •  10 months ago

Seems like steemit has done a bit of changes after sbd came down below $2 i guess because in reward's when i see i saw liquid Steem to gets credited which was not earlier you can check your own reward and let me know are you seeing that too !!!

Here it is how it looks like

download (1).png

So now you get Liquid steem , Steem dollars and Steem power cool isn't it ;)

i just saw it so thought to share this one :)

pic source

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I just saw that happen today as well, but how does it benefit us ?


as sbd price is low under $2 but steemit system think price to be around @ $2 from a long time this is why having steem beside it when prices are low quite sum up the things and we are right in benefit ;)

Saw that as well.... But one needs to still understand the sharing formula.

congratulations @blazing, I saw you had 2999 followers so I followed you to make it an even 3000.


oh wow that's great didn't knew about it thanks a lot :D

Thanks for sharing. I wrote a post today about seeing steam drop below $2.00. "Obstacles are detours in the right direction". :)

Is Liquid something specific to Utopian-io?

I just noticed it, too! I think, it's really great change! ;)

Seeing this for a few days now!