Revolution1 vs POTJ - Which One Is Best?

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In this video I talk about which smart contract game is better POTJ or Revolution1. Now this video is 100% my personal opinion and should not be taken as investment advice.

Please play this games responsibly if you are even going to play at all.

Which Game do you think is the best? -Answer below.

Getting started with Smart Contracts:
Step 1: Install MetaMask plugin to your Chrome/Firefox web browser:
Step 2: Send Ethereum to your MetaMask address (click 3 dots in MetaMask then select "view account on etherscan for Eth address."
Step 3: Buy POTJ Tokens from Dashboard: . Enter the amount of Ethereum you have in your MetaMask account. Bump up the gas to 3/4 to make transaction go through faster and hit "Buy Intangible Tewkens"
Step 4: Hodl and withdraw your earnings/dividends to your MetaMask wallet as needed.

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