Red Dread Salsa

This simple and delicious salsa is what we used on our zucchitilla tacos:

It has two of my favorite ingredients, garlic and chipotle. I use them quite a bit when I cook as they have a long list of health benefits, that I'm sure you can find by doing a simple duckduckgo search. Which brings me to an issue that should concern everyone as I believe it will become a major point of interest with the gaining popularity of cryptocurrency.


There are—even as I write this—specialized teams from the US government spearheading a program to track down every dollar spent on crypto. This be through apps, social media, exchange accounts or bank transactions to foreign entities among many others. The best way to stay safe is by staying as private as possible. Disassociate ourselves with Facebook, Google, Twitter and try to minimize our digital footprint as much as possible. Getting a VPN will at the very least give you peace of mind knowing that your are less likely to be hacked or tracked. Using a private email and if you must be on any form of social media, use a pseudonym.

Unfortunately not much can be done about banks or credit unions as we all need cash to live in whatever country we are in. Until adoption becomes global, we will be forced to use these institutions. I still believe that bitcoin will be the catalyst that propels humanity into a new world of a trust-less and fully autonomous financial system. It is up to us to make that happen by staying vigilant. Standing up to the system is saying, "I've had enough!" and going out of our way to make our lives more private and less dependent on a broken system who's primary purpose is to enslave and sell us the very air we breathe; if it could.


1 tsp - Salt (Kosher or Himalayan)
5-7 cloves - Garlic (whole)
1 28 oz can - Tomatoes (crushed/diced with no salt added is best)
1 7oz can - Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce



Easy. Blend!

If you want to make a difference in your life, start right now. Buy cryptocurrency, as this goes against the system. Stay private, as this goes against the system. And of course, cook! This goes against the system and it's where your journey into enlightenment or at the very least, clear thinking can begin.

My contribution to the revolutionist movement will be to turn the recipes I post on this blog into The Revolutionist Cookbook and eventually open a restaurant where only cryptocurrency is accepted. Where tipping won’t be necessary as everyone will be paid full salaries and where simple and healthy ingredients will meet delicious cuisine. Like open source code, all of my recipes will be available to the public in full detail and any improvements offered will be embraced and possibly added to the menu in their perfected form. Any donations to the cause are much appreciated either by up-vote or wallet of choice below.


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