the fourth industrial revolution

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In all previous revolutions we saw a combination of technologie that made the world smaller and manufacturing faster. Each one built on the foundations of the last and took old ideas to make them better or came up with radical new ways of seeing things.


  • The First Industrial Revolution(1760):

Back then the transition used water and steam power to mechanize production.
Here we experienced the change from an agrarian and agriculture with manual labour and a handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacturing. This started in England and they used this advance in tech to dominate the world from 1760 till 1830 and from then the innovation spread around the world.


  • The Second revolution (1870)

This took the world another step forward with the use of electric power to create mass production. The Second Industrial Revolution was another great leap forward in technology and society that started with the lightbulb and the telephone. New innovations in steel production, petroleum and electricity led to the introduction of public automobiles and airplanes.

- The Third revolution (1960s)

Humans used electronics and information technology to automate production but the main change that kicked it off was the use of nuclear power. Since then there have not been major adaptations to this technologie even though the Bill gates foundation might be on the cusp of bringing nuclear power to the next generation.


- The Fourth revolution

Now the industrial revolution 4.0 is building on the Third. We are experiencing the digital revolution with the invention of the Internet and the entry of AI. We can see a lot of new things pop up that are blending the lines between things that were clearly devided before. Biotech being a prime example or the Internet Of Things. And Blockchain is the next brainchild of this age. What is good is that we are also seeing the advent of sustainability and green and smart solutions moving away from the previous society that was just a consumer and commercial generation with a throw away mentality


So now is the time to look forward and not backward.

Are you part of the old or stepping into the new? We are really living in a time that is pivotal and for me, my choices, both personal and investment wise reflect that.

  • sustainable living
  • avoiding waiste
  • investing in blockchain and other new tech
  • aiming to remove banks as much as possible

How are you living?


aiming to remove banks as much as possible

Business without needing banks, I am completely with you!
And that goes super, also on the Steem Blockchain:
I have already made some purchases and paid with Steem or SBD the biggest 2 advantages:
Sent in 3 seconds and at 0% charges
user to user, direct

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