Friction from traditional social media behemoths. Can they win by prohibiting?

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So here it's how it starts."We do not support your business model" lol


Of course, taking advantage of content creators and not giving anything back in return is the business model that you guys on Facebook prefer :)


BeScouted is visual content creation community that works on STEEM blockchain and rewards users for the visual content that they create and share.

We have been pushing hard to develop or solution with a bootstrapped startup on top of STEEM blockchain and since then have gained your support and got a lot of nice feedback regarding our solution up to the point where we have managed to raise a round of private investment. Investment in order to create a platform and marketplace where all visual content creators get rewarded for the time and effort they put into creation of quality visual content.

More than that we are developing various tools that help to network better and create visual content easier, faster and make it a much more pleasant process while giving talents increased exposure that they deserve.


Such giants as "FACEBOOK" that very recently underwent a scandal of not being able to protect personal user data entrusted to them which has been exploited in numerous ways are not happy at all when there are attempts to reward users for the content that they create and time and effort people spend for doing so. At the approximate evaluation of 500 billion they are fat and happy profiting from all the content it's users create and giving nothing back in return, while collecting your personal and private data which they can not even manage properly.

They want to be the only ones that benefit from your hard work covering themselves and hiding in different terms and conditions that are constantly changing, would require and lawyers education to understand and numerous hours to read.

This was our attempt, to launch a small paid marketing campaign on Facebook to let people know of BeScouted and Steemit to get more quality content creators on the blockchain where they are fairly (in most cases) compensated for their time and effort.

This add did not speak anything about any upcoming ICO (even though we are preparing for an SMT sale) or anything that was suggesting buying cryptocurrency or any other form of asset. Just an informative message about an opportunity to get rewarded for the content that all of us create.

But FACEBOOK cut it short in plain and simple way. ABOLISH

We are sick and tired of that selfish behavior, constant censorship, exploitation of content creators and limiting freedom of speech and self expression that is a birth right to each of us.

We will continue on our solution, that will allow freelancers all over the world to work and create together, get hired by brands, businesses and companies directly without the middlemen and reward content creators and return up to 100% of the value back to them. As THIS IS OUR MISSION.

If you support us in our endeavor please share this post, so everybody knows (though we believe almost everybody already does) how big companies are treating initiatives to help freelancers and content creators to lead dignified lives, without robbing them or taking completely unfair advantage of their work.

They can silence us on their platform, but they can not silence us on STEEMIT and decentralized blockchain.

Share if you care.

The BeScouted Team

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I had not seen it from the point of view where those companies like FACEBOOK are left with all the profits they keep, while many people make publications with good content and is not rewarded for that they only give a bad service and people do not they are safe there either their information is not, it seemed to me in bad taste to read that they wanted to prohibit cryptocurrency ads like google that is very selfish on their part, I think STEEMIT is the future of all this, I am happy to have found it

If they are thinking they can stop progress like this they are deeply mistaken as this will only backfire to them in a form they will not like at all.

they have lost,
they facebook want to destroy steemit but they can not do,
steemit is much better than facebook,
continue to provide the best and contest contests are good for steemit users

They are still there, they are big, powerful, rich (from all our work and content) but this is the beginning of their end and they are desparate in their attempts.

Yes, right,
but if social media they are still in the treat as before I am sure a few months ahead no more people who play facebook.
people prefer to use steemit,
I'm sure if they do not change the way on facebook

Judging from their actions does not seem they will. It might take longer than few month but in a few years i am sure we will see a different picture than we do today.

in the area where I live we can say already 75 percent of people switch to using steemit than on facebook,
most of their reasons if i ask them to reply in steemit they can work and make money

In comparison to Facebook, steemit is fabulous because here you not only gain opportunity to interact with other on this platform but also earn...

Exactly, so each platforms to be like this. Share the value created with the users that did it. It is at least fair.

Of course it is the beginning a person have to face it just like me but with the passage of time I think things become easier..

Facebook I think it has played dirty, is that from the beginning I thought they were not transparent I think they have won millions of dollars with the things we share out there and that incidentally come and do not guarantee the security of our data that I think they are selling our data and getting even more money for that, since Steemit here I loved the platform, also from the moment we enter security with our passwords, give us rewards and surely they get them but I think we are helping many people worldwide something that I think Facebook has not done

They have earned not millions but billions... And with all that money they still fail to provide the real value to the community.

I absolutely agree and got enlightened Thanks for empowering us and being bold in fighting and raising the flag of steemit.
I will help this cause by hopefully making quality blogs to contribute to this great cause.
If there's anything i can offer, im truly in at all times.

They did. And you already are. Keep creating content on platforms that actually care about their users.

Your word will not fall on the ground i'll exercise it and be empowered by it. Shalom sir

ha ha ha ha,
facebook has lost many who have left facebook and switch to steemi,
because steemit and facebook are much more different,
in the steemit of our work is highly appreciated and here we get and follow the content of the content is very remarkable,
as done
in steemit not just vote but they also pay for the work we do,
stay ahead steemit jiggle other social media lol

Exactly, and that is the way it is supposed to be. Content creators should get back at least a portion of the value if not all of it.

yes I agree👍👍👍

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Centralised systems like facebook have robbed many of us of our time, internet data, attention and hardworked content created for a long time. Enough is enough to that. Its time up to such selfishness.

Am glad that Steemit and other decentralised blockchain systems finally came on our rescue.
Despite of the battles..They can't win by prohibiting. We have all the due liberty of expression on Steemit.

Thanks so much for this information.

They did indeed and they sense that their end is near. That is why they undertake such extreme measures to silence the rest. But they will most definitely fail in doing this.

Thank god I discovered Steemit where I have hope for as a new blogger and to share my content with other blogger who appreciated a good content.
Be Free on Steemit!

And STEEM will only grow to provide opportunities for content creators to get rewarded fairly. With apps built on it will have an increased adoption and much wider reach.

While holding a seminar to enlighten my prospects on why they are already bloggers, i asked then this: " Do you know how much facebook would lose if we all decide not to login just 1 hour? Some where baffled by the question because they never knew that Facebook makes a fortune from the data and content we create. The funny part? You do not get compensated. The funniest part? They will never support a busines model that rewards people for their efforts in content development. Thanks so much @bescouted. Efforts like yours woukd never go in vain. I will also support fairness and equity. I will never support exploitation in the name of a business model. And i will always create unique content because at least, we have Steemit and you

Business models that are beneficial to both parties can be built now. The only thing that is needed is desire to share that wealth.

Exactly, so whatever happens, we need to support steemit and make sure we promote ideas like yours to promote fairness and equity among all

Stuff like this is why I stopped using all of Google/Alphabet's applications and search engine. I will never own a Android again nor will I view youtube video's.

I am using facebook less and less and hopefully will be able to kick the habit.

We are sure you will.

Hello friends of what good to have them back. This has been a topic that has been extended worldwide in recent days. Facebook is a social network that at the beginning when it came to the ring was transparent and neat, every user who created his profile with confidence giving their personal data and everything else, felt happy because before facebook was good, but now facebook has become totally corrupt and has been messed up with the monitoring they have for people, everything that someone publishes there has everything monitored and they know everything, they know more about us than our own mothers. They have surely become millionaires with the publications of millions of people, then people trusted the social network and now everything published there is used by them to do anything else, you even sell our personal data or do weird things with them , all to continue earning millions with the publications of the users. I think that instagram could also happen at any time or maybe it's already happening and we do not know. Facebook is not good and does not sponsor us security and privacy as they say and let us know.

You are right mate, billions and billionaires not millions and millionaires.

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@bescouted I agree with you and support you. on the steemit platform you are doing a serious job and opening up great opportunities for photographers and many users. Continue to develop and we are with you!

Thanks for your support @masdem Appreciate this.

I strongly agree with you ...
Facebook can't protect our privacy ..
Many of the accounts are fake which misuse it causes problems in others life ...
Hacking is another big issue ..
Steemit is much more better than facebook ...

Here is an issue with bots and fake ID accounts on Steemit too, but hope we will solve it.

Hope so

Greetings to the team of bescouted, steemit is steemit does not have anything like facebook, I find out with this post of what happened, our personal information is not safe on facebook and it was thought that it was a giant now lose many followers who feel who are not valued will leave that platform to join serious people and value their effort.

Thanks for your post ,it's great.Some time ago, because of the scandal of Facebook's leakage of user's private information, its business mode has been seriously questioned. Our steemit community has provided users with a fair writing platform to ensure fairness, justice and openness. Fortunately, a certain reward is also available. We are very optimistic about the future of our community. It will move towards a more diversified and healthier development. The future must be a business tycoon.

We certainly will. It will take time, effort and integrity, stubbornness and persistence. But nobody can stop decentralized solutions now anymore.

of course ,let me grow up with happiness.Witness the strength of the Steemit community

How great the content that you just exposed brother, sincerely I was around two years ago without using facebook, I really got bored. I discovered steemit recently by a friend and I really live here writing about what I like about sports and about the topics related to psychology that is my university career which graduates me and really is phenomenal, although it is true that you get benefits and profits; but beyond that, steemit complements you because you believe and many read what you do and we support each other. Greetings to all and success.

Sorry for my English I am still learning and I try to write as best as possible.

It's ok, best of luck with your studies. You can learn anything if you work hard.


Your post is very good, I like you to raise your voice, for the many users who are exploited in their content and who naively expose their creations, without knowing that they are scammed in their good faith, while they benefit in millions and millions of dollars , and this is just a reference of the thousands of abuses that are committed on Facebook. I am pleased to know that you are looking for new tools. to continue exposing your good post and help new talent in the photography modeling guild and all your affinities very much in agreement with [email protected]

Thank you for your support, as support of the community is very much needed.


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Thank you for the stats. Sadly had to use service of bid bots to give this post at least a bit of attention.

Thank you ....
Your writing has awaken many people to understand about the treatment of facebook to the user .....
And I agree with you ....

I am very bored with facebook full of silly people who post stupid things from waking, eating, and other silly things. very boring no benefit.
Yes it is true that people still use facebook even though they have a great platform like steemit because most do not realize or their countries have banned sites like steemit. You know now a days I really don't use facebook because it's a waste of time and at that time I can use the steemit and earn money as well as meet with extraordinary people like you
Thanks for this






good information