Who Are They Fooling?

in reviews •  8 months ago

I used to leave a lot of reviews on Google, trying to help guide others to good restaurants/attractions/hotels and in turn, help those establishments attract more customers.

I've stopped doing that ... not because I don't want to be helpful, but because I am a bit tired of review platforms like Google, Yelp, and numerous others profiting off our efforts without sharing the proceeds, and using rather bullshit/condescending incentives like calling your a "Local Expert", giving your a "Contributor Badge", assigning you a "Badge", and a bunch of other nonsensical crap.

Listen, I appreciate the efforts that have gone into building and maintaining these networks. It's not a trivial nor simple task, and I am not opposed to making sure those folks are adequately compensated, BUT I think it's time for these networks to recognize that they're just providing the infrastructure, it's the contributors and participants that keep the platforms lively, engaging, and useful.

I bet the marketing folks at Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and other platforms brainstormed these stupid status symbols contributors can earn thinking that will be enough to encourage people to participate. I am not buying into it, I think the model needs to shift, and follow what's happening here on steemit.

I like the steemit model, not because I am going to become fabulously rich for participating, nor is that my goal. I like it because if I do happen to publish something of value, everyone benefits from numerous angles. Steemit is not trying to hide making money behind a bunch of bullshit incentives.

So, from now on, I will not leave a review until a new platform similar to steemit, or any of the existing platforms change their model.

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great point ! resteemed (-:

we need to take ownership locally of similar platforms in a decentralized manner