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@ReviewMe! I'm @rebeccabe ≧◠‿◠≦✌



About Me:

The best way to describe who I am is a Quantum Observer. I enjoy science and spirituality. I believe we are all here to help each other. Writing and photography are my creative pursuits and the way I express myself best.


I am currently in Lincoln, Nebraska. At some point I hope to write world traveler is where I live and meet many of you in person. I have been in Lincoln, Nebraska about 4 years.

@rebeccabe is my account now for a couple of years. Time means nothing to me, it seems like yesterday. I post writing, blogging, and anything I want on this blog.

@photobe is my account for photography starting about a month ago. The photography community here is fantastic and this account allows me to explore sharing with others.

I use my mac pro laptop when posting in #Steemit.

#esteem is what I use to post created by @good-karma I find it to be a great way to post.

Contact Info:

The best way to contact me is in discord or one of the groups I am active in.
I am an active member in the following groups below listed in no certain order.

#steemitbloggers – a great group I invite everyone to explore. The support I have experienced in this group is phenomenal. @jaynie leads the group in a very open way.

#steemusa – These are members living in the USA or aboard from the States. It seems to be group effort and anyone that joins is warmly welcomed.

#photofriend – This is a group of photographers enjoying each others photography. If you post photography consider joining this group. Currently I am a shareholder in the group. All levels of photographers are welcome with any equipment from phone to latest and most expensive glass lenses.


ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっPlease review your experience interacting with me on!

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Okay, maybe this post wasn't the best idea for me lol.
I don't know how to cut and paste with my phone.. I happen to be on the computer.
Upvoted so this comment appears at the top. :)

I love your adventures and photos. You always provide inspiration and great feedback. You are helpful with info and links. You also resteem great posts for others. Hands down 5 stars.
Leader Steemer!!

Hi @rebeccabe, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @jayie doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @jaynie ?

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Hey, I was hoping she won't notice it .. I fixed her name before reading this. I will give you an upvote because you have helped me a couple of times. @cheky (that was on purpose haha) I know your name is @checky. :)

love from India, @rebeccabe

Now @ykdesign you need to go above and
Copy the text next to the stars exactly as shown for the number of stars you want to give me!
they look like ribbons

cute ..haha isn't this the flag of India? @moniroy
Now go above and Copy the text next to the stars exactly as shown for the number of stars you want to give me! they look like ribbons

This is the one thing I'm no good at

thing? What i need you to do is go to the bottom and copy the hypertext in comments to show the number of stars/ribbons( they look like ribbons) I get. The more the better (hint hint)

I could only find one of your posts so did that

What is the benefit of this review me??i had also posted it.but no benefit

We will find out. lol I think it helps me know how well I am doing @minhaz416 feedback.
I hope to earn good credit. You have to go up there and copy the number of stars.
As a child in America if we were good they gave us stars. I think it is like that.
well go to the link and read.. I think it earns you points.

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