Buzzi; The suitable app for your kids

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Hello fam, I am pleased to announce to you there's a special app for your kids. The app serves as a host to discover kids and baby products.

As a parent, you can share those beautiful moments of you with your kids or the beautiful things you got for them, knowing fully that IOT [Internet of Things] never forgets. You may want to show your kids when they grow up how beautiful their lives were when they were toddlers, the things you got for them that made their lives sweet.

BUZZi Kids is a reward based product review platform allowing you to share and discover the best in kids and baby products.

The moments captured may be the beautiful outfits, their first books, toys, walkers etc.

So, @dray91eu @peakreal1, @dayjee, @Jeaniepearl... kindly make sure to download the Buzzi app from the playstore Here.

Your kids will love it.


Nice review, Buzzi is getting popular

No time.. Thanks

Great one here

Yeah, the app is good

Nice review. Going to download right away.

Great, you should

This is interesting, will check this out. Thanks for the review

Please do, the app is a store for everything on kids

Nice one buddy. Its a great app

Yea, great app

Interested. Thanks for the review

Yes, download the app

Great one man. Will check this out

Yea, please do

I gonna check this out. Nice one man

You're welcome

Wow I have been waiting for this

It's finally here, seize the opportunity and get rewarded

It's finally here,
Seize the opportunity
And get rewarded

                 - timmyeu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Buzzin everywhere

Yea, just Buzzi it

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