FIRST LOOK, REVIEWHUNT :: let’s look at the quests structure for a few example campaigns on the brand new reviewhunt!

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To say I’ve been excited about this part of the roadmap from the start is an understatement. The one vertical of that really appealed to me for working and making online, earning crypto tokens for reviewing and taking part in campaigns for companies!

and I think the first three companies are gonna be mosaeek, tata and buzzi — omg I feel like this is a massive turning point for a steam blockchain project! :) all man on deck!

I’ve been given exclusive access (on NDA — non disclosure agreement) to make a video, show you around and discuss some of the structure of the campaign pages before we launch in two days time — 43 hrs to be exact, the counter is counting down as I type! —

while writing this the price of the HUNT token (erc-20) went up by 24% as from previous trading so people are obviously getting ready for the next version push! :) — I made a short link — if you wanna get the current pricing.

quests to make cool products fly high

That’s the tagline as soon as you get into the site for the quests and displayed is a number of quest items in the lower part of the screen, the display is incredibly clean and it’s obvious that the team is focusing on the design as a major part of the platform.

We have a ‘learn more’ button here which takes us through to the about page which I’ll talk about below this section but for now let’s get into the important things that we see on arrival on the front page.

Total bounty fund
Straight away we can see that the total amounts of bounty on the system is defined as the amount of hunt token that’s available and how much in dollars that’s worth, instantly attracting you in that it’s possible to earn some money/tokens here for your involvement

Total Quest Submissions
How many hunters (people who are taking part in the quests) have submitted submissions in the system — it also breaks that down by how many hunters that is, in this case for my demo it was 9 hunters who had submitted I presume a part of a quest for review.

Incredibly simple to see activity and involvement, a good sign for ‘keep it simple’ — a welcome departure from confusing affiliate/marketing sites and one that I think will encourage brands to get onboard.

The ‘call to action’ middle block

Very strong communication of graphic of project, would like to see some maybe slow gif or video blocks in here as well to really attract people in but I love the fact that at a glance we can see how much reward is left for that quest, very clean.

Gives us the name, what type of quest it is (both are mobile app currently but that could grow too many types!) and a simple description underneath — great display of hunt total bounty fund and how many hunters are on that quest.

I feel once the site starts to really take off it’s going to play a key role of identifying which projects are worth jumping into first or which ones are going to need additional help — I can also see potentially additional potential for ‘sponsoring’ your quests to the top of the page if you pay extra HUNT for that feature, a great way to get ‘above the fold’ attention to your campaign/quest.

Jumping into a Quest! :)

Wow, this is where it get’s detailed but also very clear at the same time, I’m really digging how the blocks are arranged clearly so that you know what is happening at ALL sections of the quest — it’s obvious to me as a HUNTER that the makers have a lot of control in their backend to reward HUNT at different stages of the campaign as it can have many quest parts, that’s kinda neat as it looks like they build up as you go — with the total becoming more near the end! SUPER SMART! :)

I’m not sure at this stage if a hunter is moderated at each quest step but I presume so, interesting to see that this quest had five parts and the final part had a spinning golden start with a big HUNT amount, sure to attract those people looking to make great content for brands!

We also get clear feedback on how many hunters are on that quest and that the campaign will close in a certain number of days — important if you have a number of quests that you are taking part in for time management!

product information slider

Neat, this is a series of images going from right to left moving slowly so you can get an idea of the product before you jump into the quest, it’s clearly communicated what the product is underneath the graphics too — I feel this is really where makers can not only get people to take part in quests for HUNT but really SELL the product, gonna be valuable for google SEO over time as well, especially if the MAKER can show some of the assets they have received on the page maybe? (Just an idea!)

quests and reviews part

Again, very clean and now we start to see how that quest breaks down, it’s a series of steps that the MAKER of the campaign wants you to do to take part and earn HUNT tokens (it also shows the value of them) — you’ll see the first few quests are really easy and quick to do, I expect this will become common for most makers for on-boarding.

Even just doing the first four quest parts for instance on the example I showed could earn you $10 in HUNT tokens — this opens up a whole spectrum of micro tasks jobs that you could set for your company, dapp or product, the scope of the MAKER and QUEST tools really shine here.

I mean when was the last time that you were paid $3 for an App Store review, you can really start to see the incentive mechanism at work here!

The last part, buzz is interesting to me — this example shows max hunt that can be earned, in this example up to $2000 — wow, that’s a game changer for a lot of content creators especially the you tubers who are finding it difficult to make money from Adsense, we really could see an ecosystem of brand advocates and influencers heading to reviewhunt because of this alone!

This makes relationship management for makers/brands so much easier than the current setup — all they need to do is purchase HUNT token via an exchange and build out a campaign and align it with their social media program and they are GOOD TO GO!

Rules and Guidelines

Very important here to set the quest, review and buzz rules here — for me it’s ABSOLUTELY important that the MAKER get’s the best quality of ROI on their investment, I’m expecting a lot of initial poor quality but improving over time, this really could LEVEL UP the learning, skills and output of content creators over time — an incredible way to educate and improve marketing and reach.

Unlike something like Adsense that requires you to reach a pre-set total because you are paid out (plus it’s normally monthly) with HUNT and REVIEWHUNT those tokens are paid out every seven days. Pretty incredible to know where you are at with your work.

I think over time the rules will have to be very strict to give the MAKERS a decent return on investment — but I’m super pleased what I see here!

what about that about page! Wow!

Firstly, this page is absolutely stunning! Great work! I don’t know who designed this but it’s got LOVE written all over it, this will bring a whole new group of people to crypto and decentralised brand advocacy.

one of the key components about this page is the fact that steemhunt has already done what they say they would do with steemhunt — call it a dry run if you like, that social proof front and centre adds trust and ‘proof of work’ to the whole page (more than you can say for some ICO’s that won’t put out a product until next year!)

…. wait, do you see what I see! :)

Already we can see some of the dashboard side from the maker perspective in here — our remaining balance, how many hunters are taking part in our campaign and how many quests we have to approve.

What’s interesting here is the focus on App Store and play store reviews so it looks like a strong app focus is planned here at first — also great to see the buzz contents graph of different social media accounts.

it’s never been easier to build. .

. … and to finalise this first look at reviewhunt and quests I’m gonna leave on this section at the bottom of the about page as I think it say’s it best.

Early-user base, App Store reviews, Reddit threads, Tweets, Youtube videos, Blog posts, Local channel contents…

This has the potential to go really big with the right partners, I don’t know of any other platform that melds together advocacy and influencing as good as this with an existing trading token on an exchange!

The future is bright for reviewhunt!

pinterest epic wins pinboard → brand advocate for nokia, 1000heads, verisign → won vloggie for node666 (san fran 2006) → television for time team history hunters 1999 → sold to evan williams in april 2011 → went to phil campbell, alabama to help raise money after tornado (was on sky news, bbc news)→ CNN for sxsw 2013 about austin sxsw → video chat with robert scoblemusic video can you spot me?


Man! Good job. This was extremely helpful!

more to come, working on the unofficial course today. should have the first block up later today.

They seem to have some domain certificate issue right now so I can't even log in lol But I'm still stoked for this! Well done for making the videos so quickly (:

yeah teething troubles. i expect they are working on it. but it will be with you soon! :)
speed is everything in a real time economy! :)

You're faster than reviewhunt!

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