Have you heard about REVIEWHUNT?

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Hi everyone. I'm sure almost all steemians have heard about reviewhunt, but not many of us have join the platform. I'm here with some right and convincing proof on why you should join the platform now. Because if you haven't, you're missing a great deal. So let's start this way.

What's reviewhunts?

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Reviewhunt is more like steemhunt where product and app makers come with their stuffs so as to be tested by early adopters, and they ask make reviews on how standard the app or product seems to be and interestingly, the tester get paid at the end. It can also be termed as an ultimate hub for product makers that have intention of creating a viral launching buzz. Interestingly, reviewhunt have large number of member but they still need more members.

Reason why you should join reviewhunt.

There are many reason why you should consider it.

    1. It's always easy signing up on their website. You can also try it out by visiting https://reviewhunt.town/ today.
    1. It's never easy for product or app maker creating a buzz after launching a new product. But with reviewhunt, everything comes easy.
    1. Many products creators use different social channel to gather people's opinion like the likes of Facebook, twitter, reddit, quora, qualtrics and others,But reviewhunt changed the story completely.
    1. Reviewhunt is also powered on the blockchain. The adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain has grown massively, so don't be left out of it. This should also enhance your influence in joining reviewhunts.


Known for reviews of early adopters opinion. It shows how company can boost their product by utilising early adopters who have extensive coverage on social ways. It also neglect how stressful and struggling using all kind of social channel can be and this is the reason why it has 2 attractive features already.

2 attractive features of reviewhunt

    1. Its offers will be delivered via the inbox of each hunters. Only the hunters that meet the maker requirement will see the offer and that's very cool and nice
    1. Moderators will check the reviews quality and rate them manually. The system will protect reviewhunt against abuser and low quality reviewers. Reviewhunt is surely a good site for good hunters.

Kindly visit https://review.hunt.town/ and register.