KZ AS16, KZ AS12 Easy to Use

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KZ AS16, KZ AS12 Easy to Use

It is two kinds of Chinese KZ maker earphone which has good price ratio.

On the left is the KZ AS16, which uses 8BA per channel.

On the right is KZ AS12, using 6BA per channel.

The company's most expensive model is the KZ AS16, which is available now for around $ 110. At the beginning of the launch, they sold at a low price of about $ 90, but there was no place to sell at that price.

The KZ AS12 comes after the KZ AS16 and is available for around $ 64.

Among the company's products, the fortress is KZ ZS10 PRO.

It's good, of course, but I'd like to skip over the top two because it's a well known product.


The earphones consist of 2 low BAs + 2 mid BAs and 4 high BAs.

If there are many BAs, the sound tends to be gorgeous. It's a bit like comparing it to speakers, but what if you have two woofers, four tweeters and two midranges, and you're just one speaker? If it's not well controlled, it may sound confusing, but if you tune it well, it'll sound gorgeous and scale well.

Clearly, a lot of BA products are used to give a rich sound. It sounds cool and pretty, but the treble feels pretty gorgeous.

It feels like there's no blockage between the ear and the loudspeaker, and it's a good way to go straight. Nothing is obscured and it feels like the sound is pouring straight into your ears.

But if you listen to music for a long time because of such characteristics, you may feel tired. There are earphones that sound too high due to high frequencies, but this doesn't make you feel tired after a long time.

I think it's a good earphone for sound quality, but the bandwidth feels a bit unfortunate. Even though I used two big bass bass, the bass volume is low. The treble feels more like a natural sound rather than a cool up, especially with live music.


Earphones made up of 2 low bass + 2 mid BA and 2 high BA.

I was worried that the highs would be attenuated by the BA configuration alone, but I would expect the highs to be more intense and more vivid than expected. However, the less glamorous, the sound is easy to hear.

After the 8BA, I released the 6BA model with exactly the same look, so I wanted to be able to sell it with similar tuning at a lower price, but unlike the KZ AS16, the tuning was very different.

The amount of midrange (vocal and striking) seems to be more than that of the KZ AS16, but it seems to be playing from a step back. At that time, listening was more comfortable than with the KZ AS16. Ear does not get tired easily even if we listen for a long time.

The bass boosts the volume and produces a rich sound. It's not excessive, it feels like you're comfortably wrapping the whole stage.

It's the first time I've heard of a low-end earphone using only BA.

It feels like you've tuned in to make your music easier to hear without being overwhelmed.

If you listen to this KZ AS16, it will sound cooler and more fun. If you are tired of listening to the KZ AS16, it will make you feel rich and comfortable. It's fun to take turns listening.

I've bought a lot of this company's products and used them, and I feel that the sound quality has improved as compared to the products from the past. It's a feeling that we are actively developing BA and making new tunings while making products.

Not only does it provide affordable BA earphones that have been exclusively owned by expensive makers, but it also seems to continue to tune the sound quality hi-fi.

It's cheap, so I think it's undervalued. It's a product that gives great sound quality even at a low price. Highly recommended.

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