LG 32UD99 monitor with 1.4 million won panel repair in one year and non-repairable in one month

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LG 32UD99 monitor with 1.4 million won panel repair in one year and non-repairable in one month

Get off the head and start with the picture.

(The monitor bezel is about 8mm thick. Please note.)

Top left when pale gray (# 959595) background.

Upper right

And the bottom right.

Upper left when dark gray (# 161616) background.

Similarly on the top right

And the bottom right.

The issue we received last year, July 3, only appeared in one year.

At first it was small enough not to tee, but it grows.

I found it on July 12 and immediately received the same day business trip.

As soon as the engineer saw it was bad, he decided to replace it.

The purchase date was July 3, 18, and it was a little over a year.

Fortunately, a free trial was issued with a +15 month application as of June 18, the production date.

But the panel warranty is 2 years anyway, so it didn't matter.

Anyway, I just took the monitor and stopped for a while.

It arrives after the next Tuesday, so you will come back and take it there. (Thank you very much.)

And I will contact you again when the scheduled date is reached but parts are late.

And another week has passed, but there are still no parts.

Yes. Now move on to the next month.

Naturally, it hasn't been fixed until now, more than a month after the repair was filed.

The only monitor theme is the 65-inch TV, which boasted a ransom of 1.4 million won.

It's ridiculous and angry that a panel defect occurred in just one year, and I've been unable to repair it for a month.

I was hit by one back of the dryer (I use LG 14kg), but one more monitor.

It is common to certain LG IPS panels produced since 16 years.

The same problem occurs with third-party monitors such as Dell using LG panels.

The 32UD99 was released around June 17, and my monitor was produced in June 18, just a year later.

The date of production is not the date of manufacture of the panel, but it's probably a late manufactured panel.

Luckily, the Dell U3219Q and others have improved as we continue to produce the same panels.

Means that the U3219Q is also more likely to have the same problem. Chisel

There is also a comment that the panel did not recur after replacing the panel, so I hope you can ride it.

But you have more full until September? ^^^^^


Communicate to LG via Consumer Sources, accept a refund invitation from LG and come to accept.


The service engineer visits and signs the foreclosure to sign a refund document.


Refunds are issued, but only depreciation for the term is applied and 10% of the purchase price is not added.


The Consumer Basic Law and Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria, “10% added when discontinued but not applied when sold out”

Amount adjustments are made based on content not found anywhere else. Communicate to LG once again through customer source.


After withdrawal of refund application, the intention to change back to repair.


I confirmed that the change was made to the repair and contacted me at the headquarters of LG Electronics and confirmed that 10% of the refund is correct.

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