Compared to the Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio 3rd Generation Logitech!

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Compared to the Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio 3rd Generation Logitech!

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I have both keyboard cases.

I bought it once and bought it again.

The reason for having both is simple.

The pros and cons of each case are so distinct.

The reason for using the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is simple.

Because it is thin and light.

I don't know anything else.

Nevertheless, I forgive you for its thinness and lightness.

It is a lot more advanced than the smart keyboard used in the first generation (pro first generation and second generation).

There have been a lot of problems over the years, but I can't develop because there are years.

The poor contact found in the first-generation smart keyboard folio (Apple admitted this and extended the warranty from one to three years) doesn't happen until now. If you go to the center or store, they admit that they are not designed.

Kigam is a little stronger than the first generation.

I don't know if it's a little bit stronger because of the weakening of the strokes over time.

Compared to the first generation, the key feeling is slightly stronger.

But it's still not your preferred key feeling, and it's pretty tiring when you type for a long time.

The weight and match is really overwhelming.

The first generation had to fold twice, so that the front had become a staircase.

The second generation is not a folding type and a staircase type, but the keyboard directly touches the liquid crystal thanks to it.

I use pads instead of LCD protective film, and you can see how smart keyboard folio damages liquid crystals.

So how are you writing now and what should I write?

The first thing to compare and decide between two products is their purpose.

Divide the ratio of typing to movement.

Think about whether you are traveling by car or by public transportation.

If you have a high percentage of typing and use your personal vehicle on the go, we recommend Logitech Slim Folio.

If you don't have a high percentage of typing and you use public transportation on the go, the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is recommended.

If you have a high percentage of typing but are worried about using public transportation, put the shell on your phone and put it on the pad.

If you don't want that weight to affect you, I recommend going to Logitech.

When i move = apple

Siege Mode = Logitech

Both products are so satisfying and writing.

However, if you are tired of buying and inserting both products

You may want to consider your situation and choose a product.

I would be very pleased to buy either.