Surface High LTE User

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Surface High LTE User

I've been using my MacBook Pro as the main, and I've been using Parallels to open windows and edit documents on my business trips (ppt, etc.), but I've never been able to lay down windows for light weight and simple documents. (I personally think that the MacBook Pro itself is the best laptop.)

Recently, I had a chance to get a work laptop, so I chose the Surface Go, which is light enough for Windows and supports Windows at the same time.

Important specifications are 522g, Pentium Gold 1.6G Dual Core, 8G RAM, 128G SSD, 10 inch 1800 * 1200.

Let's briefly list the pros and cons.


  1. It is lightweight and is very portable even if we include type cover.
  1. The bird is very good.
  1. The tablet that becomes the window. (I think it's the strongest and the weakest.)
  1. LTE becomes.
  1. The key to the type cover is excellent.
  1. Charging via USB-C. (Advantages over Surface Pro)


  1. I'm not good at performance, so I'm satisfied with editing documents and watching videos, but I can't do anything that requires a lot of performance.
  1. The tablet that becomes the window. (There are some parts that aren't suitable for touch-based tablets, like Windows itself and apps for Windows.)
  1. Considering the price, the screen resolution or quality is not good.
  1. The battery life is short.

Testimonials about LTE use.

To take advantage of the SurfaceGo LTE version, we purchased and installed a dedicated SIM data. It's 9,900 won for 10 gigabytes, and it's an affordable carrier that uses LG U + network.

In some writings, I'm a bit worried that some tablets are not recognized or require complex procedures depending on the network, but they are easily installed and used in a matter of seconds.

It doesn't feel slow, it's great.

If you need to carry a simple document editing through Windows for the same purpose, I would recommend it. Especially for laptops and tablets that emphasize portability, the creation and perfection are important, but I think the Surface Go is satisfactory.

If performance is also important, I want to avoid it.

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Are you sure this is LTE? Not LTE-M?