Mega Drive Complete Guide

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Mega Drive Complete Guide

Since when did the popularity of retro games rise?

Recently, several complete guidebooks have been translated and published in Korea.

Previously, the PC Engine Complete Guidebook was released.

Personally, I didn't have a kite with the pc engine, so I put it off later.

This time, Mega Drive Complete Guidebook came out and purchased immediately.

In fact, I never owned a mega drive.

I borrowed it for a while, but I enjoyed a few games.

I always have a crush.

Following my most beloved SFC and N64

The reason megadrive is getting more into my area of ​​interest recently

Mega Drive (Genesis) 's almost complete reverse engineering results

It is also because it was released in a foreign country. (MEGA SG)

Among these devices are 'good' clones connected via HDMI

After purchasing SUPER NT first, I want to purchase MEGA SG.

I'm thinking.

That's why this book is very useful to me.

For whatever reason, I really enjoy reading these illustrated books.

Now go into the book story and the composition of the book is literally 'complete'.

All software is included.

Not only does it cover megadrive hardware and software,

It also contains all the games of Sega Mark 3, the oldest of Mega Drive.

Mark 3's backward compatible predecessors, the SG-1000,

I'm trying to collect it, but I failed to find the species.

It only contains pictures. There is a list, so this part seems to be worth it.

From Sega's first home game console, the SG-1000 to Megadrive

It's great to be able to get history in one book.

In the meantime, when I buy a book like this, it is written in Japanese.

It was really annoying. I don't know how comfortable it is because it is a Korean translation.

I hope this book is sold a lot and other models will be published afterwards.

The content and organization of the book is really good. Maximum effort and limited space

I felt like I could do everything. Old game lovers

Even if you have a memory of old days and buy a book

It seems good. If you are collecting retro game packs, you can already order

I think everyone should have received it by now ㅎㅎ

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