Water Purifier Brita Marella Cool

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Water Purifier Brita Marella Cool

My house originally bought bottled water.

At first, famous brands such as Samdasoo and Baeksansu.

Later, I can't ignore the price burden

I bought a big mart PB product.

I bought it by regular delivery ...

PET bottle treatment after the most trouble ...

Regular delivery is convenient, but sorry for the courier ..

When I buy it, it's time to buy

I felt strongly about buying a water purifier.

First of all, we looked at the rental format.

Although it is easy to install and replace the filter, it is easy to manage

Compared to the monthly cost of drinking water, the rental fee is too high


Self-installation type is also cheaper initial cost

But my wife doesn't like it ...

After looking at the rental form again,

I saw it.

I don't care about my wife or me

Focusing on cost saving and convenience

We purchased this article and three filters.

The most important taste of water is ...

It's just like bottled water.

At first, I was suspicious of whether this was a essence

I don't know the difference between the bottled water and eat it in the refrigerator.

Convenience is not comparable to installation type

You don't have to go to the mart to buy bottled water.

Reduce the number of times you go down for recycling.

It's the most satisfying part.

Some of the regrets

It's called an indicator. Tell me when to replace the filter

The display unit measures the filter performance

But it's a simple time-lapse measurement.

Well, it's hard to expect it for less than 30,000 won

The battery will definitely go into the LCD.

There's no mention of battery replacement anywhere.

There's a small groove in the display so you can remove it

It is said that there is a big power consumption part

Well, I thought, wipes are like solar

Aren't you? Do you say ...

I would like to mark it for those who do not know this.

At least how much life, how to replace the battery, and so on ...

And when you change the filter,

After seeing the various users, the filter value has increased a little.

I love it except that.

If you just don't hear the frowning

I want to be Samboil in the direction of Germany.

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