Oculis goulis cv1

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Oculis goulis cv1

I'm curious about vr devices

From old paper Google vr to storm scene 3

Sponge gears made of spongevr Oculus dk1

I tried it but it hurts my eyes

I ended up using htc vibe in vr game room

Oh, I felt a lot better and waited.

I liked the gel from the top, vr with 30,000 won sponge

Although the screen is small, it's pretty clear,

Watch movies in a trivial way with moonlight and trinus

Rise of Tomb Ray 3d screen

I was quite surprised to see that the 3d effect was more than expected.

In conclusion, Oculis High and Oculis CV1


First Ocul Go

This is great

Eyes look pretty sharp and comfortable

I know it is 75hz in Qhd resolution

Good focus and clear

I watched a Youtube 8k video.

I can see the grid but I'm impressed.

If you watch a movie on a virtual desktop skybox

Netflix sees Chrome as a virtual desktop connection

Ah the screen is really big and clear

Oh, I've developed a lot.

But the speaker is a little .... just connect the earphones

And less than 2 hours of battery life

You need to buy a long charging line or wear a spare battery.

I charged Oculo and tried Ocul CV1

It's a lot simpler than before when I installed dk2

The room was too small, so I was a bit overwhelmed when I recognized the steam vr sensor.

I was looking forward to it but the screen

Not embarrassed

I hold the string tight and it makes a sound with the screen

Wow ... I used Oculgo first so the screen is ...

It's falling off at 90hz

I adapt quickly and it starts to look sharp.

But touch controller is thing again

Keanu Reeves came out from the sf movie code name

Grab the screen like it came out and move it.

Buy another virtual desktop

It's separate from Oculgo.

You can see the desktop on its own, but that's fine.

Virtual desktop is also raised to the option pool

Pretty fine.

Try Vorpx

Wow ... I didn't expect it to be bad.

If you have this, you don't need a virtual desktop

Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Set the settings and play ..

Oh, the headset is fuller than I thought

It's really not shocking what it should say.

3d world, mountains and buildings are as big as real life.

If you go into the cave, it looks like rocks and sweets

I think it's going to be amazing if it gets a little clearer

First person in Gta5 fov mode

If you take a car, the inside of the car is just bigger

The long bonnet is realistic and the building is really big

Google Tilt Brush ..

A word of admiration ...

Euro truck ... more realistic than triple monitor.

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