Pela case holder for Pixel 3XL

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Pela case holder for Pixel 3XL

It is not easy to get Pixel 3 case in Korea

I have a lot of cases overseas

I have purchased it, but the search for the case with high satisfaction

It was not easy. The case you are writing so far

  1. Alival pixel case

  2. Moment lens special case (leather)

  3. Linke Fusion Case (nearly the only one available in the country)

  4. totallee thin case

Was. Maybe the main power was the case for the moment lens.

The plastic feels just right and strong anytime, anywhere

Interchangeable lenses can be attached when needed.

The part like thickness was dissatisfaction, but not bad to use

I have used it for a while because there is no alternative.

It was a long time

And like the iPhone case, you can use a silicone or leather case

I wanted to buy it, but the quality is low (ali) or expensive (beloy, etc.)

Anyway, another member uploaded the device to the car

I came into contact with the pela case and purchased it after visiting the home.

Delivery seems to take around one week for international mail with free shipping.

I used to wear it, I was good at buying it

I feel very satisfied.

The color is so pretty and the fit is a bit loose

(The right side of the case plastic hardness is slightly lifted up

I don't have enough to worry about usage

The material is also slightly rough

The grip is not bad either. In reviews and instagram pattern

Case which there was mainly, but seems to get tired easily

I just picked a color and ordered it.

In summary, the quality is better than expected and the color is beautiful.

Buy a satisfactory case for iPhone genuine silicone case feel

Personally recommend to those who use Pixel 3, XL


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