Going to work with a tablet only (cmc function in tabs5e).

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Going to work with a tablet only (cmc function in tabs5e).

A while ago I went to work by bus at 1:20 and bought a tablet.
After work, I work all day at my desk except when I go to the bathroom.
It is not an inconvenience to replace the phone with the phone function + airpot of the tablet.

I go to work with my tablet to use it on the bus. I don't want to carry my phone again.
Seeing the tablet that makes it possible (compared to Tabs5e and Mini 5)
I bought it to try the cmc function of s5e.
Of course, I had to use the bus, so I bought an lte model and this time, the firmware upgrade supports cmc.

Once you connect your phone and tab with cmc, it will come to both sides at the same time when you get a call or text
Receiving with a phone is the same as when there is no tab. Receiving with a tab allows you to receive calls and texts as if they were coming directly to the tab.
If you use data sharing in a tab, when you open the text message app, the contents of the phone and the tab will be the same.

When calling from a tab, you can send a call or text to either a tab number or a phone number by asking whether you want to call through a phone or text message or a tab.

The inconvenience of using the second phone is that it is inconvenient to change the mind, and when using the text or phone records are piled up on either phone, the previously received text is not stored, which is inconvenient.

This looks perfect, but there are a few disadvantages to using it for a week.

First of all, call quality matters. Call quality is worse than phone I heard a couple of times that the other party could not hear well (I heard this effect because I used an AirPods to tap).

If your phone at home is turned off, you won't be able to dial even with a tap. Perhaps once the phone takes a call and shoots it to the tab. So I have to turn on the phone and the phone and text bell ring at the phone and tab at the same time, so the phone at home will report to my wife in real time that I am texting and receiving calls. If you put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode to prevent this, you will not hear any sound when you receive a text message. When you make a call, you will hear the coloring or speaking sound of the other party in the speaker of your phone.

As I used the tabs, I used my phone only when I went out on weekends, so now I'm using my tabs carefully. If you transfer your text and phone calls back to Samsung Cloud from your previous device and restore them from your later device, the two devices will sync in less than a minute, so keep an eye on your phone on the weekends and tap on the weekdays. I use it.

In conclusion, I am not using cmc function.

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