Intex swimming pool

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Intex swimming pool

Last year I moved a little like an article.
I have a mini garden on my floor.
In summer, I thought it would be nice to have a children's pool here.
Then I finally sold a swimming pool at the shop.
The big one was 4m wide and 1m high.
There are still babies in my house
I chose a smaller 3m wide and 76cm high.
It was nice to have an automatic water purifier included as a default option.
And I asked for shipping the cleaning tools
It would be too hot to have a swimming pool, so I also bought a shade.

So I installed last week.
The installation was not that difficult.
It would be difficult to do it alone, so I installed it with some help.


The cover is covered after installation.
Not included with the default options
This was also ordered separately.

It took a while to get the water.
It seems that it took about a day because the water pressure was not strong.

And after the rainy season
Children began to play in earnest.

After all children were always happy if we had water.
It was size without any inconvenience to play together for 7-8 people.

The more difficult thing than installation was management.
After the children play all day, the water becomes cloudy,
I think it's not good for you.
But let's go water every time.
Luckily we're drawing on groundwater, but that's not free.
Once all the water is drained
The inside is not slippery prank.
It's going to be a headache every time to get rid of greasy and stuffy stuff.

But just look at the children playing happily
I wanted to install it well.

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