BASEUS wireless charger 3 ports user suddenly wanted to use

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BASEUS wireless charger 3 ports user suddenly wanted to use

I bought the AirPod wireless charging version and I asked Cliean because I needed a charger (a space where I could write it and collect the broken ones).

I thought everyone here knows anything, but I haven't used this one. So I buy

I bought it at Ali for $ 23.39 and it looks like it took about a week. It's fast and informed.

The main unit (charging pad) and USB-C type cable are included.

The cloth is also quite thick and elastic, it is different from the genuine matte feel of genuine Apple.

The pads were clean and smooth, so they didn't get greasy. Non-slip rubber is also attached to every necessary part.

Its own charging indicator called green led is crushed slowly when charging, so it's satisfying because it's not bothersome than I thought. (You can't sleep when you're asleep.)

The charging part.

The watch charging part is made of magnet, so it fits like a snap, and the AirPods are well charged even when the case is put on. Both are fully charged

Uniquely, the pad is matte, but the watch compartment and airpod charger are glossy. With protective sticker. I think it's good to charge it.

Ah, I put XS with Apple's genuine silicone case on the airpot charger.

The phone's charging part also has anti-slip rubber, but the key was to put it in my case and charge it.

I saw it on Kickstarter very long ago I've been using a case here all the time, and there are magnets in the middle, left and right. So the two-coil wireless charger was charged too. (I've been using this for a while, and the price has gone down. Stocks, too.

Oh, but this is it. You can't put the magnet directly, but you can charge it as much as you want. hurray. I finally bought a fortune.

According to the spec, the quick-charge adapter supports wireless high-speed charging, but Apple's high-speed charging is up to 50% in the beginning, and wireless high-speed charging is faster! I didn't even think about it, so I'm satisfied with the charge if I just put it on.

Lean design
Each one has its own location so even if you put it on properly

Give up wireless fast charging
Loop type (Millenis loop, sports loop, link bracelet, etc.) among watch bands should be separated and charged

If anyone lives, it's okay to buy.

How do you end this? Anyway.

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