Chinese Tourist Story -4

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Chinese Tourist Story -4

This time is Yunnan.

In fact, this part overlaps with my travel photos.
That's why I've had very few my photos since June 2017. (By personal circumstances)

Anyway, from Yunnan, we are known as Chamagodo.
Right now, I can't even feel the trace as if I was in Chamado.
I used to say a lot of unnecessary words every time
I have a bad style to forget.

Yunnan is a town that many tourists visit and even YouTubers love.
Now that you're used to it, I think you can replace it with a picture.

I love Dargo Castle so much, I think I went there every year.
In 2016, I only went twice, staying for almost a month. -_-;
Not just a trip


The bridge is unusual for one day. I think I wanted to be there the next day.
The last time I was there was around last year, and the rent was much higher than 20,000 won in the late 10,000 won.
It's a lot more fun to enter the local neighborhood than to enter the hotel personally.
One time, my daughter Nami tried to get married so she struggled with pain. (Even the owner is ready to serve food for each star)
It's not like a commercialized neighborhood, but it's full of countryside.

I met him in 2016, and while I was sleeping for 8 days, I came up and slept together.
I was so excited that I went back to see if you were fated.

(He's spying on the alley.)
The bridge is quite fun for young friends to find a lot of small restaurants and coffee shops.
Of course, taste is not guaranteed. -_-;

The fun thing about the bridge was that the dogs were in town.
When you go to the hostel, the dogs in the hostel come out, and the dogs in the surroundings follow along
It's worth seeing
The guys who stayed with me when I left the bridge returned to the bus station
I can't forget what you're talking about.

Unlike the rest of the buildings, there are still quite a few traces of the time.

Yunnan is still the place where you can see people carrying baskets on their backs.
By 2010, there were quite a lot of undeveloped destinations.
I also wanted to come a little faster. But that also makes me comfortable.
I'm a city man.

Every time I see something like this. If you don't benefit from civilization,
At first I wanted this! But if you can't use industrial products for less than a week, every time you see yourself struggling ....
I really feel how badly I lived.

Nevertheless, I feel that people are very selfish when I see them traveling while comparing these old places of life.
It's no wonder that cities are getting bigger and bigger, why do they always compare?
This unusual position is not far from the location, and the atmosphere is similar, so it's perfect for comparison.
Every time you come, you will be compared. Where did you change this time?
Then Lijiang always loses. Lijiang Goseong is different from the atmosphere, but turned into a modern commercial district,
The bridge is a very old-fashioned atmosphere where locals and ethnic minorities hang out together! Moreover, you can enjoy civilization together. Right here!
I was watching me doing a comedy that made a rationalization. -_-;

Jongsungsa is a representative building of the bridge.
What is seen behind Jongseongsa is Changsan. This is where the cable car runs
Even if the weather is a little bad, it doesn't operate, so you should pray for the weather to be nice on the day you go.
The weather in Changshan is so cold that it suddenly becomes dark like clay in the afternoon,
The weather is obviously nice, but a bunch of fog in the mountains. Or the wind is heavy, so it's okay to climb, but the cable car doesn't run.
Many times.
So if I want to go to Changsan ~ I am not able to operate the cable every time, but I just give up because it is not mine.
Do you have any luck or save money?
Actually, the only thing I wanted to go up was to see the chess board.

Most of the buildings here, including the Sambo Pagoda, are new, but nothing special.
The Erhai Lake, which is a favorite of Chinese people, is just a date course for lovers.
It's not bad if you take everything.

There is a place called Baoshan City in the area that crosses from the bridge to Myanmar.
If you search in Korea, you will find a lot of coffee. I'm not sure. He brought a lot with Fair Trade.
The reason I mention Guji is that many photographers go here. Especially if you are a professional Chinese photographer,
You're quite there. The mountain village here is very beautiful. You don't have to go to Guji East Tibet. It's a bit depressing
This is also a nice and cute traditional Chinese feel.

The train tracks are only on freight rails, and only airports
The only way to save money is to go by bus.
I don't know if there is a direct connection from Kunming, but there is a direct bus because Kunminga saw the bus locally.
If you leave, you'll be at Kunming Nanyo Terminal. (There was no departure from the West or the North.)
However, if you come from Kunming, it will take half a day, so I recommend you to fly. If you stay on the bridge,
You will need a one-way flight.
It's hard to be honest because it's hard to digest Baoshan as a general tourist itinerary.
We do not recommend unless you are visiting for photographic purposes.
(I used to come to work.)


Shangri-La's Taocheng is where I've been. The altitude sickness caused me to suffer two days, and one day was a corpse in the hospital.
If you have a physical condition, please come down unconditionally. Altitude sickness is no medicine. I know with my head, but I can't let go of my mind and body.
Local people come to the hospital because of altitude sickness. I never thought the hospital would be very crowded.


If you leave the station, it's been a long time. While sticking like ants.
But it wasn't that much when I was over in the winter of 2017! If you look at it, I'd like to see it shrink.

At the time, I didn't know what the donkey course was and didn't know Chinese.
I thought I was going where I was going, and I thought it was well communicated, but I pretended not to know
I took you to the wrong place. It wasn't fun, but I didn't have to come on purpose.

In China, in the mountains, forests, and 5A grades, people's feet reach the top by elevators, trains, buses, donkeys, etc.
Basic transportation is available. That's why when you go to areas that value natural scenery like Yunnan,
In the end, you can bother the donkey even more with a nice background!

By the way, the donkey course in this area comes down while looking at this dry lake. -_-; (Lassi Sea) A sightseeing course built over a large lake on the side of Lijiang City.

Lijanggoseong is so well made that it smells like a new building.
After a few visits, I felt like it was a well-designed Goseong shopping street.

That's why I recommend it. It's full here, but still less than Lijiang. -ㄱ-;
It is only 15km away from Lijiang Ancient Town.

The main tourist points are Hodo-Hyup (dirty) migration and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
This place is mostly for cafes and I take a lot of wedding pictures.

Most of all, there are quite a lot of real people, so tourists didn't like to take photos in any space.
If you are careful, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of Goseong.

See the Nasi Impression Ride as it goes. Please see it. I've seen it twice. I miss you again.
When I first saw it, I didn't even know Chinese, but I saw it next to my Chinese wife. -_- ;;;;;
(Impression series is almost identical to the basic story composition)

Extra dirty
I didn't say there was a dirty picture but it's a nice place. ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ
One of the pictures of the village was taken from Shangri-La, and the camera was taken randomly.

.... meaningless ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ
In fact, the memory of Deungin was hungry because I was hungry.
The neighborhood where he was dead at the hospital. The next day I saw only local altitude sickness patients. Alien alone.
I only remember. -_-;

For reference, it takes 18 hours to unpack the castle from Dichin to the area where Taocheng is located in Sichuan.
I even went half way on the road. I have to go fast after a landslide ...
It's been three years and I'm still wondering if I'll still be there.
But the atmosphere was quite impressive. I'm still in my head while I'm gasping
How long was life's memory?


Xishuangbanna holds a water repellent (same meaning) event during the same period in April Songkran.
It's the same thing that the whole town is messed up with water, but there's no such thing as temperance in Chinese. ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ To the end.
When you go to this water repellent, don't take a camera to take something ..... (ㅠㅠ)
There's nothing to see in the city of Nippon dabulus (Urandapus).
There is a traditional Dai performance here.

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