-21kg, low-tango 6 months review

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-21kg, low-tango 6 months review

The top image shows the changes in the weight, body fat and muscle mass rate

The body composition may not be accurate, but it's roughly like this.

I have used the site that shows the body shape?

I've written a month and a hundred days ago

I'm busy writing and stopping, so it's been a while.

I've written it before, but I'm a low-altitude, rather than a short-term diet

I will continue to work as a lifestyle for the rest of my life.

I'm an office worker who can't eat three or three meals

The start was mid-January this year.

Height in mid 30s started at 177 and weighed 89 kg

Six months later, it's been 68kg.

At the outset, the liver and all health levels, which were a problem at the beginning, are all maintained at normal and standard levels.

Unexpectedly, my skin improved and I met my friends for a long time

You ate your cheating upside down cheo + yum combo

The part where the skin got better was originally a type with less acne

Probably because of low altitude, the level of inflammation in the body is lowered,

I think adult acne is also caught a lot.

Sometimes after drinking alcohol (2 ~ 3 glasses of soju, not a bottle ...)

The next day, one or two small things come up

The alcohol is so scary

Until the beginning of the low tangoji, I often drank the black ledger

From one moment ... I don't get drunk and my liquor has decreased dramatically.

(In my case, drinking didn't matter much about weight loss.

However, snacks and haejang is when you keep the low altitude thoroughly ㅋㅋ)

One day, after the heavy drinking, the next day, he suffered severely low blood sugar.

I was afraid of psychology,

I don't know the detailed human principle,

Successfully enters ketosis (the body uses fat as a source of energy, not glucose)

The minimum amount of glucose your body needs is made by your liver.

If you drink too much, your liver will stop working and start detoxing all the time.

Hypoglycemia. I really wanted to die. I had a different level from a normal hangover.

Eventually I went to the hospital and got beaten and recovered.

Anyway, I don't want to quit Quito, so I decided to stay away from alcohol.

Have a drink with people close by,

We finish drinking liquor in 2-3 cups of shochu.

I'm losing weight as recently as

If that's enough, I'll do it.

When I first started, my goal was 80 seconds.

After that, only 72 or 3 would be fine! Was

Human greed has no end… ㅎㅎㅎ This diet works well for me,

I'm losing my weight too, so I'm thinking about my final goal of 65kg

When we reach the goal, we will invest in more strength training.

At the start, when you reach the target, hold me cool and cheat! There was a firm determination?

Now the gourmet and high sugar foods don't even taste

After losing some, I don't want to eat the food that I want to eat.

But I'm reaffirming that it's not the taste of the vision I missed and missed.

It seems that interest in high-carb foods is becoming less and less.

(It tastes like a concept. Since the beginning, there has been no cheating filled with high-carb food like before.)

I think it's a big reason to make foods that you want to eat by modifying them to fit low-altitude hills.

I am a low-altitude fitter, have fun and see a lot of effects

I can't actively recommend it to others .. ㅎㅎ

Briefly explain it to your friends

MBC's fragile documentary, how many books do you recommend?

And be careful to study correctly and gotangoji, which can flow without you knowing

If you start with a low altitude and go to a high altitude, you will really break yourself.

I think it's really going to be fat

I would recommend this too .. I think this is a cumbersome and difficult lifestyle.

I think it's right to give up a little bit of happiness

Wherever you go, these days, in a world where you can enjoy delicious, inexpensive and comfortable food

I don't eat this, I don't eat that, study one by one

Even if you make and eat, avoid processed foods, check sugar and carbohydrate content

Cooking your own dishes + oily dishes. Because it's a diet

Is it a very difficult mission for office workers to commute every day like me?

Quito by eating out .. I know it's impossible (may be possible if you spend a lot of money ?!)

We have packed lunches every day since the beginning.

In the early stages, stir-fry only the egg in the pork belly

After that, I fry eggplant + egg in oil such as butter, lard, and olive oil.

Nowadays, we reduce the amount of vegetables and buy pork minced meat or beef roasted meat.

Lunch is bought by the company, so I only carry lunch boxes.

I'm going to choose the most sugary menu in the store

For six months, the company's employees watching the changes and watching the changes also helped us

It's easier nowadays

I sometimes need to use convenience store sausages (if you check the nutritional ingredients, there are quite good products)

Convenience stores smoked eggs, carbonated water, salads, etc.

I just eat meat in sundae soup without air rice, or I often eat subway salad for lunch.

In Chinese restaurants, I'll have tea dolju jjamppong rice and ask for a lot of rice

I usually meet with my friends at the meat shop, and when the meat is too thin

The meat is not good but the price is good

I think it's good to eat

Oh, and it's not going to mean much at Clieang, the herb site.

The effect of this diet seems to be greater for men like me.

It's not a diet that you eat less or less like other diets

If you enter the state of chitosis, it seems that a man is burning more fat than a woman.

Low calorie, fasting diet, body that has been repeating yo-yo after that

If your metabolism breaks down and you start a low-tango diet like that,

It takes a long time to see fantastic weight loss effects.

I need time to revert back

Anyway? Men wouldn't have had such a fast, ultra low calorie, fast diet.

I think the low-tango effect is better.

Anyway, basically the muscle mass will be higher than the woman

Personally, men's taste is tteokbokki <<< meat is more common

I thought that this low-tango hill would be a little more comfortable ~

In low-tango cafes, many people buy and measure ketones (checked by urine, blood, and breath).

I did not do that. Personally, when I start recording those specific numbers

I feel so stressed I just woke up and weighed my brother

Or we went ahead while confirming

Instead, thirsty when you're in Quito? It seems to smell like peculiar urine

If you know food well and keep your diet as well as you do, it doesn't seem to be quitting

There are so many things I want to say

The writing is chatty and back and forth; haha

To sum up

Low tangoji will be more plunger than you think

Drinking is possible in low altitude, but alcohol is dreadful (but this week is the best)

Low tangoji is very troublesome

Study low altitude well and never go to high altitude

Low tangoji seems to be better for men than for women.

It seems to be

Looks like the writing is too long; haha

Although the duplicated contents of the previous article seem to keep coming out

If you want to find out about

I wrote a few words in the hope that it would be helpful to those in need

After posting, even if it's been a while

If you have any questions please ripple

I will reply as soon as I confirm it ~

Thank you

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