(Bluetooth) bluecom decibel t90 3 hours listening and using

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(Bluetooth) bluecom decibel t90 3 hours listening and using


I've received the Bluecom Decibel T90 from Producer DK today.

Listen and write reviews for 3 hours.

Note 9 (Apt-x) + Genie music (Flac 16bit: 짭 Flac) combination.

Wired Earphones AKG N25 / Wireless Earphones Qcy T1 (T3 emits upon hearing)

The wireless headphones are listening on Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless (Apt-x).

  1. First impression

It is hard to unpack

The case is smaller than I thought. 75% of QCY T1

Earsets are larger than you think (they are thicker), but they don't feel so great because they enter your ears.

-After processing is also .. not so much .. Gloss / Pearl is really old emotion TT tt ;;

  1. fit

-The existing M ear tip is a bit loose, so replace it with L ear tip.

-After replacing the L ear tip, it is stable and fixed without moving even if you turn your head.

  1. sound

-Select the music you listen to the most from the list of music (multiple genres of music evenly)

Listening while changing EQ 4

The basic sound is better than I thought, and the feel is good. It's hard to hear for a long time. The blow is good

Treble, bass Boost seems to have no need. Just like that EQ

Signature: Like DK's review, has a monitor tendency, flat and neutral ... good for a long time

         As the Bluecom sound engineer said, I tried to tell the musician what I wanted to do.

          I feel a little bit of what it's like
  1. Other

-Listening without noise or interruption because listening environment is comfortable

-Touch usability is good, so it's convenient to use

-I don't want to see two earphones in my phone

-Notification function is also fine. The voice function is set to OFF and alarm 2. Unobtrusive and tidy

-Excellent call quality

  1. Overall rating

-It was good to buy a good product as a joint purchase

-First of all, I get to know the products of domestic specialized companies and purchase them

-We hope that the next product will be improved to the outside parts of the product such as package design and product appearance quality

That is all

Thanks for reading.

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