2 portable nail clippers

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2 portable nail clippers

This is a review of two portable nail clippers. One is about a year ago, the Swiss Clip Victorinox (manufactured by McGiver knife) Nail Clip 580 and the other is a model called MC-1500 made by a domestic company called Cowell.

Nail clip 580 consists of nail clippers, nail files, knives, scissors, tweezers, and toothpicks. And the same company's nail clip 582 model is a knife and scissors missing in 580.

MC-1500 is a product of nail clippers and nail files, and the same company's MC-2000 adds a knife and scissors.

Price (based on four lowest prices)

NAIL CLIP 582: 25390 won (because it doesn't sell well, it's more expensive than 580)

Nail Clip 580: 21000 원

MC-1500: 4900

MC-2000: 11000

In order to compare properly, you need to compare the nail clip 580 and MC-2000 or the nail clip 582 and MC-1500, but please understand that MC-1500 is a purchase because it is a waste of money. Therefore, I will only compare the nail clippers and nail files.

Red is nail clip 580 and silver is MC-1500.

If you compare the nail clippers first, the MC-1500 is wider and the curvature is smaller.

As for the feeling of cutting, the nail clip 580 is cut more at once because it is harder. In addition, the MC-1500 is a bit uncomfortable because the nail file is not fixed when the nail clipper is removed.

If you compare the nail files

On the photo, the MC-1500 looks smoother, but it's actually a bit more rough. Nail clip feeling is better for nail clip 580, but it's a little bit uncomfortable. Both ends are treated as temporary driver replacements.

For the size, please refer to the picture. In the picture above, the black part of the nail clip 580 is the actual nail clipper part.

The length is 65mm for the nail clip 580 and 58mm for the MC-1500.

Actual performance doesn't make a big difference, and if you look at the advantages of each, MC-1500 is a low price nail clip 580 is a tweezers included.

If you want a good price, buy Cowell's products, tweezers and toothpicks, and if you want a little better, I recommend Victorinox.

Overall, considering the price, Cowell's products seem to be ahead.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

What's behind is not included in the product.

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