Experience of violation notice by designated car

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Experience of violation notice by designated car

Strange to say

After 12 years of driving, it was the first time I received a penalty.

Please note that only those who drive more than 1 ton truck.

There aren't many people driving trucks in Cliang, but I would appreciate it.

I think you know a lot of highway lanes.

1st Passing Passage 2nd Driving Passage Trucks are not allowed to drive 1st grade.

But I didn't know there was a designated lane

This time, I reported it from the car driving behind, so I knew I was fined for the first time.

I didn't understand the notice, but it was definitely a violation.

The following information is based on a call from the police officer in charge and the city government road policy official.

In Article 14, Paragraph 2 of the Road Traffic Act, lanes are divided into left and right lanes.

Divide the road in half and drive the area closest to the first lane to the left

If odd, the middle lane is the right lane. (ex. 5 lanes 1 and 2 lanes left)

  1. Even if the first turn is left, you should have a backup copy of the black box in order to prepare for the penalty.

  2. It is impossible to enter the 1st road in case of traffic jam. (Highway can enter first lane when congested)

  3. The first crackdown for overtaking.

  4. The above case also applies to buses. Driving on the first lane of the bus is possible.

If I tell my truck drivers who do not know like me, I think it will be a more pleasant traffic culture.

Everyone drive safely

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