Sornic DES S

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Sornic DES S

V-shaped propensity
Capacitive hybrid earphones
2 EST 3 BA configuration
0.78 2PIN
Basic Cable Copper Cable
Price 1.44 million won

V type inclination
It's a bit of fun sound spice.

The tone is warm and reverberant
It gives a warm feeling

The vocals are dense and close
The bass spread out so that I can feel tired
Do not give

Bass is evenly textured and textured
It is highlighted and is called fun sound
I think you can see

Soronic product features
Characterize a good piano sound

Warm and reverberant sound
Maybe because it feels a little wet
Opening was a bit disappointing
Dense but slightly filmy
I also felt
Probably the color of the sonic tuning

It contains the bass that Asians like

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