Samsung Galaxy Note9 Filter

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Filter

In the past, the service center put free film.
But now the price is 13000 won.

However, the service policy has changed since then.

Last week, we opened Note 9. I gave it 13,000 won and put a film at the service center ...
The film started to fall in nine days.

At that time, Cliang said it was possible to reattach it within one month.
But this changed again

-Reattach only once. customer
-I never reattached. I did it nine days ago.
-Oh, only once a week.

That's changed to a week.

In fact, the film surface material is good. It's not reverse film. But on the 9th, the weather is so humid that the film starts to fall everywhere.
I heard that it's tempered glass, so I'll just stick it and I'll just tear it off

But if it falls in nine days ...

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