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It is one person who cares about the personal information treated as public goods (?) As much as possible.
I couldn't just throw away all the bills, papers, and tear things up. Or I used a company's document shredder sometimes.
It is a personal sedan purchased by accident because it is a small sedan.

1.The size is not burdensome

  1. It was compact but I liked the shredding result,
  1. Buy at a lower price than anything else.
    (I bought it at the beginning of 30,000 won in the open market, but now the price has increased to almost 40,000 won)

Because it usually crushes closer to pollen than the crushing product used by ordinary companies

1.The limit of paper that can be loaded at one time (two sheets on standard A4 paper) and

  1. Only limit (10 minutes) which can be broken continuously
    It was pretty useful if I could get over it.

However, due to the low price, the gears that are the main parts are composed like this.
Aka "paga" went to use has become impossible .. TT.TT

When putting paper, it is sensitive enough to stop automatically when only two sheets are inserted.
10 I didn't use the extra continuously, but the power suddenly weakened, so I disassembled it and it became impossible to use it.

After contacting A / S center, I will repair it.
Because of the low price, hesitant to buy new ones or A / S costs
Sometimes it would be appropriate to shred out three or four bills or documents.
If it is more than that, I would like to share it with you in case you are considering purchasing it.

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