Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case

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Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case

After more than half a year of talking and riding a lot, waterproof cases were released.
If you purchase from DJI Korea, the shipping cost is very painful.
So it's not a shortcut, it's one of the legal
There was a terrible diameter of $ 3 off free shipping and it took a long time because it was free shipping.

And arrive in 8 days

Because it is genuine, perfect for Osmo pockets.
Rest assured not to roll inside
I can only use the video mode as an anti-gas case, so the camera's front lens is going to be very scary, so I'll do a waterproof test and just cut and paste the film for the monitor.

Case mode must be turned on in Settings before you put it in a case.
If you don't turn it on, the screen is free. I am

The camera is cute looking over the case.

Now I'm testing water resistance in a baby bath.
This is not a click and lock type, but a screw type, so it looks like a Yamanal to turn tight and a bit uncomfortable.
Good luck ...

This is a review of my new waterproof case for my Osmo pocket.

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