EzFinger2 fingerprint dongle

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EzFinger2 fingerprint dongle

I posted this on June 12, so I wrote it for about a month.

The first thing I want to say is ... fingerprint recognition, recognition. Ha ha ha
Ah ~ I don't know if it's tamed with the iPhone's fingerprint recognition or my HP ZBOOK's fingerprint recognition ...

This product has a very noticeable drop in recognition rate anyway.
What do you mean ... you're lucky if you're lucky enough to hit a square boundary target.

However, if the finger contact position is slightly misaligned or distorted ...
I don't recognize pancreas.

Now, if you buy things, you have to spend a month to use it.
In fact, June 12 is closer to the opening period than to use.

I'm sorry if you are in the same situation as those who purchased because of me. haha

No matter what you ask, 10 to 8 just enter your PIN. ㄷㄷㄷ
If it's Korean technology and made it a title, I'll make it a little better.

This can be greatly improved by firmware updates or hardware software.
I don't think there's room for it ... I'm going to call the manufacturer,

I think I'll be doing anything bad ... I've sent you an e-mail while I bought it before ...
Um ... Thank you for your purchase.
That's not why I'm posting this ... lol

I don't recognize it too much. I want to throw it when I use it
There's a bit of regret to buy something by swiping what's wrong ...

For HP ZBOOK, it's a swipe method ... I think this is more comfortable ...
It was a month of use.

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