I paid for the hotel room and the hotel

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I paid for the hotel room and the hotel

Summary: Waiting for double payments (at relay sites and hotels)

  • I've been using Hotel.com customer service twice.

-Hotels.com booking and advance payment

In early July, Hotels.com made a prepayment for a hotel in Bangkok.

Booking.com used in the meantime, I only made a reservation and payment always went to the local hotel, Hotels.com
I think it's convenient to pay in advance, and I don't have to pay for it
The ticket / accommodation fee / currency exchange rate can be divided out, so I paid for it.

-Pay deposit after arrival

When you arrive at the hotel, you will be asked to check in with your Hotels.com booking confirmation.
I gave the card that I should hang THB 1.20,000 baht with deposit.

At that time, I was asked to pay for my stay. Why did I need a card?
The hotel said that this was a deposit, not a accommodation, so I didn't have to worry.

-Give me a checkout, invoice and card receipt?

Did you use the minibar to check out at the reception? Will you pay with a deposit card? Lagie
Yes, you can use that card, but I told you that I didn't use the mini bar and I got an invoice.

The invoice says that the total cost is about 400,000 won because tax is added to the accommodation fee.
I only knew this invoice gave me details and confirmation from the hotel.
I didn't think that the card receipt, which was at the corner of the invoice, was paid again.

-The hotel stayed right.

When I returned home and looked at the card receipt, I entered the card company homepage
There was one payment made at Bangkok Hotel. Significantly different payment amount than deposit amount
If you look at the receipt I received with your invoice, the amount of accommodation was correct.

As soon as I confirmed the payment, I contacted both Hotels.com and Bangkok Hotel.

Hotels.com phoned customer service and Bangkok Hotels emailed and asked.
In both cases, I received a reply to let me know if it was a duplicate payment.

  • By the way, when I made a reservation on the site, it was 350,000 won, but the amount paid at the hotel was 400,000 won,
    The difference in price is quite reasonable, so I have been contacted to cancel the payment made at the hotel (400,000 won).
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