Increased efficiency by retrofitting a portable air conditioner vent

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Increased efficiency by retrofitting a portable air conditioner vent

I'm a 47 year old straight guy who doesn't want to boil it in my soup. I would rather be a wife better !!!
If you look at this article and want to try it out, you can do better than me.

Three years ago, I installed a portable air conditioner in a 28 pyeong apartment small room (now 7 years old or 4 years old). Non-wall-mountable structure.
I purchased a Media company product and the performance is satisfactory.
The initial installation was a simple task, as it was necessary to install a duct to draw out the hot wind from the air conditioner.
Of course, noisy, open air is constantly coming in through the gaps in the outside windows. Therefore, about 20% of the cold air generated by air conditioners is damaged by the wind from the outside.
I'm a 100% class person, so no scientific explanation is possible.

It was August last year that we used well for two years.
You will see this post.
Attack on Mobile Air Conditioners

I hit my knees and decided to try it next year,
And since a month ago, I've been using compressed styrofoam, big cutter knives, tapes, silicone and silicone guns,
I cut and cut a little bit at night and repeated it a couple of times, "Oh?
Styrofoam creates a box with air holes at the bottom of the rear of the air conditioner and draws air from the outside to cool the device by only closing the duct holes. Naturally, there is no pressure difference, so the outside air does not flow through the window.
The flexible duct cost 30,000 won and the rest of the compression styrofoam or large cutter knife costs 20,000 won. I bought silicone but I don't need it, it's possible with tape.

It's a waste of money for about 50,000 won.

I did it too, so everyone can do it. If you are good at dexterity, you can smoke a cigarette after 2 hours. The styrofoams aren't fixed well with silicone, so it's so easy that Hemeda is nailed with a toothpick.

P.S. Media's product was not only in the bottom of the back, but in the side, so I had to make two air hose boxes. Most other brands are only on the back, making them easier to build.

Result: If the time required to reduce the room temperature to 28 degrees was 24 minutes, it was possible after about 15 minutes.
And when I set the air conditioner temperature to 23 degrees and run for two hours (without the thermometer), the body feels much better.
------- Cooler under the same conditions -----
I tried various tests as usual, but almost failed, it was a long time success of a desperate middle-aged man.

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