Xiaomi Massage Gun Opener! & Simple impression

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Xiaomi Massage Gun Opener! & Simple impression

Raise your Xiaomi massage gun opener.

This is the background.
When I was 20 years old, I was discredited, so I worked hard and barely had pain.
Was he hurrying to get ready for marriage, the day of the honeymoon? The disc has been stolen. Hahaha
I was worried that I could blow up my performance when I couldn't walk right away
I'm compelled to be disappointed. (I'm happy ...)
My back hurts so much that I get chiropractic locally.
I will do miscellaneous goods here. Sorry.

Recently I received a hydrotherapy / chiropractic and a "massage"! I wanted to have
So from the terragan, hyperbolt to continental weather phoenix! I looked it up.
The problem is always the price / performance
Then I found a massage gun from yunmai. (about 160,000 in qoo10, around 21 including shipping in Naver, etc.)

There was a twist.
I tried to order from taobao, but Chinese sellers ship it over mid-July.
I placed an order with a Korean seller on June 20, but canceled twice.
And ordered the last Korean seller at 7.11. received.
(I know there are no actual use or unsealer)

It's currently charging and I've turned it on only once, so it's hard to say the exact noise and pros and cons of using it.

  1. One of the reasons I chose this device was that it was light (0.8 kg).
    It's more heavy than you think. If you use it, you won't feel 'handy'.

  2. The material is good.
    It's hard to express this texture, rather than the dazzling feel of IBM / Lenovo laptop tops.
    It is a much warmer feeling.

  3. The noise is small.
    I can't make absolute comparisons using the Teragun g2 (I'd like to compare all the devices later if I have a chance)
    Definitely quieter than Terragun,
    Very quiet in the first stage, a little nervous in the second stage, and a little noisy in the third stage.
    (45db on spec)

Once this is done, we will open up the exterior and post a review in August.
(= The content is bad, so go ahead and take a picture!)

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