Used Car Keika

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Used Car Keika

(Not a purchaser but a use machine
After all, I couldn't buy a car.

Later you can buy used cars through Keika
I write for you.

I've kept buying used cars only
Except once, I only bought tea through Keika. (number 3)

Looking back now, I lurked in the community cafe
I'd like to get my Mai *
I think the experience I bought was the best.

As you all know, the benefits of Keika
-Home & Car (3 days ride and refundable)
(I used to discount 200,000 won on the condition that I did not do home enka before)
-No false sales
-Card payment (Lotte Vex Card 2%)

There is a degree.

For the same reason,
I decided to set my own standards.

Big car (now 5 family members)
The price is less than 16 million
Manufacturer's engine mission warranty remaining
(I actually received an engine replacement for 98,000 from what I bought at Enka-Gukeika.)
Accident can be replaced by a simple bumper.
Cruise Control Required

So that's the only thing you can buy;

I was holding my heart in Orlando this Wednesday
Weekly Feather Santa Fe Prime
You can get a temporary contract
I caught it. (Must meet all 90,000 kilos in no accident)
Insurance repair history, but usually under 1 million won
Expected as a bumper.

Homeenkashi usually pays down payment
I am exempt from the transfer fee
The bond and the bill only cost 150,000 won.

It wasn't because I didn't pay for it immediately
I applied only for a contract.
(2% El Points will be earned when paying with Lotte Vex Card.)
You can save 300,000 won simply by looking at it.
If it is not within the lump sum limit, you can pay in installments 2-3 times.)

I want to receive my card and make a payment today.
The performance log date hasn't been sold for more than two months at the end of May.
Steamed it (it's because it's expensive)
I went to car 365 and looked up the car.

Basically in Keika
Performance checklist and insurance
It is provided, but the details are not available in case of an accident.

I don't know where you fixed it.
In the car 365, you can get the details of maintenance in just 1-2 won.

But I already expected the repair of the front and rear bumpers
As soon as I bought a car, I painted the door.
(But it goes into accident-free up to the Keika standards)

But the critical thing is the performance check table
Without insurance
Crossmember replacement details are displayed ;;
I don't know why, but it's less than three years old. Maybe it was replaced because of the shock

When you call Keika, you can cancel it and refund your down payment. (However, the sale comes up again without any modification ... ;;)

Eventually I see Orlando.
Report this time without incident
To the car 365 before the call
I tried to look at the radiator
It's because of an accident. Of course, the Keika checklist
There is no mark

I think I missed either of the above hoods because they were accidentally missing from Keika or they were so repaired. There's nothing falling on salespersons
I'm thinking twice about whether Hyunta will come and ride my car
It's good. But I'm sorry that I got a VEX card.
I will wait and buy a car.

If you are buying a used car, don't just look at the insurance and performance checklist.

Lessons learned
After all there is not cheap car
There is a reason for not selling the car.
Check everything you can see
(Car 365-Car history inquiry-Maintenance history recommended 200 won)

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