3 Days and 2 Nights in Seoul with Country Children

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3 Days and 2 Nights in Seoul with Country Children

I lived in Incheon for about 30 years, but I never lived in Seoul.

Married because of the circumstances of attending a state-owned public company

I worked in Daejeon, Seoul headquarters, Busan, etc.

Since relocating the headquarters of the public corporation, I now live in Naju, Jeonnam.

Because of education
For convenience
Because of my parents

Most of our employees have their families in Seoul or Seoul

Unfortunately, a good wife who does not know me is saying that it is right for the family to stay together,

Now I have fun in Naju with my two daughters.

I like it very much. You can see all the beautiful places in Namdo within an hour or two.
It is quiet and can afford. I also like children. I don't live intensely, I have a leisurely life.

But there is a part that is not ...
Children who haven't seen the Seoul subway or bus

Since I was young, I tried to take a lot of foreign countries. My kids have been to Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, America, Philippines.
I couldn't see Seoul.

So ... after consulting with my wife
I decided to spend this summer vacation in "Seoul" and decided to design a course to give my children a variety of experiences.

So, I planned a place to go to Seoul with my children and my wife.

I've been so happy with my wife.
I would like to introduce you to some of the best places to visit if you are planning to travel to Seoul with your children.

Where we went by family date and travel plan.

Day 1 Visit
Paju Publishing City-Seodaemun Prison-Yongsan Imax

(Paju Publishing City)
-Reason for selection: My daughter likes books very much. I plan on a three-week plan at school, so I plan to read 150 books.
I thought it was the best place to visit my favorite big daughter.
-Major visit: Wisdom Forest Library, big and small book cafes. We also visited the museum called Mimesis, which is operated by open books.
-Satisfaction: 8 points for married couple, 10 points for 5th grade daughter, 5 points for 1st grade daughter

Seodaemun Prison
-Reason for selection: This is our couple's reflection point. My eldest daughter asked me to go first. I've heard it from my friends.
The couple who could not think so far reflected, and gave a lot of praise to the daughter.

  • Visit tip: Buy tickets, enter, and then go to the souvenir shop on the right before you start watching.
    The souvenir shop sells experiential learning notes for elementary school students, and it is helpful to children to watch with the notes.
    Please note that there are higher grades and lower grades.
    -Satisfaction: 8 points for couples (only sorry for being too late), 10 points for 5th grade daughter, 1 point for 1st grade daughter
    (Little daughter's too hot and too hard to be annoyed.)

(Hotel stay)
Any hotel in Seoul would be fine.
I went to Conrad Seoul which was affiliated with the company .. The hotel is good.

(Yongsan Imax)
-Reason for selection: I used to visit Yong-Amac and watch movies when I came to Seoul. I want to make my daughter feel the overwhelming experience.

  • Watch Movies: Lion King
    -Satisfaction: 7 points, 10 points for wife, 10 points for 5th grade daughter, 10 points for 1st grade little daughter
    I've been here a lot ... ㅎㅎ country people said wow. Everybody is sloppy

(Finishing IFC Mall Devils Door)
My wife loves homemade beers and a glass of IPA beer.

Day 2 visit
Lotte World

I decided to spend one full day at Lotte World.
Hurry to eat breakfast and go to the vehicle. Waiting in line before the 9:30 opening .. I enjoyed Lotte World all day after entering.

For reference, my family enjoyed Orlando's Disney World for five days last year (2018).

Judging the amusement park on that basis ... everything is below the level .. as well as the level of the rides, rides, dedicated apps.

-Satisfaction: 3 points for married couples, 8 points for 5th grade daughter, 5 points for 1st grade little daughter
My little daughter is just over 120cm ... I missed many rides such as gyro drop.
By the way, our daughters are the ones who enjoy extreme rides. They are screaming cheers. They're not scared, they're not screaming.

Anyway, my couple was very dissatisfied.

I've only raised my eyes

Day 3 visit
National Assembly Building - National Children's Science Museum

-Reason for selection: It was my wife's idea, but when she went to Seoul, she heard that she can visit the National Assembly Building or Cheong Wa Dae after making a reservation.
I admit it was a good idea.

  • Visit tip: The Capitol was available for reservations up to 3 days before the visit, and Cheong Wa Dae was almost unavailable due to reservation.
    If you are going to the Blue House, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.

                The reservations of the National Assembly are as follows: 1) Visit to the National Assembly Building 2) Visit to the National Memorial Hall 3)
                Each one takes about an hour. If you do not have time to do all three, 1), 2) is a must.
                1) and 2) can be booked in any order, but it is recommended to order in 1) and 2).
                Why?? 1) is the end of the 40-minute tour. 2) After the description of the memorial will be given a free viewing time.
                If you have schedule 1) after 2), you may not be able to see the memorial hall due to time.
                In our case, we booked a 10-minute visit to the Capitol and a 11-day visit to the Memorial Hall.
               There is also a restaurant on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Hall. The price is less than 5,000 won per person, very economical.

-Satisfaction: 8 points for married couple, 10 points for 5th grade daughter, 3 points for 1st grade daughter
This is a good course for older children.

(National Children's Science Museum)
-Reason for selection: My mother had an afternoon visit to Seoul National University Hospital. (Just 25th today)
I went to visit a place near Seoul National University Hospital to go to the parents' house of Incheon with my mom while playing around.
-Visit Tip: You can also visit here if you make a reservation in advance. Remember that the reservation was not fierce.
-Satisfaction: 9 points for wife, 8 points for 5th grade daughter, 10 points for 1st grade little daughter

I'm not in the Children's Science Museum and I'm in the hospital waiting room with my mother.
I'm writing like this because of the long waiting time

After my mother's medical treatment, I will go to the science museum with my mother and pick up the children to go to my parents' house.

It was a short trip to Seoul but I really enjoyed it for a short time.

Please refer to those who come to Seoul with children from the province ~

Seoul is a complex place, but it is a good place to live.

Finish with a photo of the 3rd floor restaurant of the National Assembly Memorial Hall.

Those who are on vacation, those who are planning. Have fun with everyone ~

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