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What a fantastic app.. This app has helped me with my work more than any apps on my phone.. It's so genuine and work without bug. One good thing I will suggest is the ability to safe format. So you won't have to begin every edit all over again.. I love this app.. Also more fonts like Time New Roman and popular computer app shoukd be included.. Keep up the good work.
This is app is so cool. I started using this app in editing my pictures a weeks ago and it's awesome, I loved all the fonts. Plus, You can also download some fonts in the fonts websites and install it here. But my problem is there should be a settings or ( I forgot what it's called) to adjust the height of the font (not the size) But all is food for this app except for that setting I just hope you will put a settings like that it will be huge help. Best font app! I use this app for whenever I need some cool text on a photo, video, ect. Its really nice and very simple to use, so I have no complaints. The one thing I love about it is you can add your own fonts into the app! It's a very simple process and only takes a minute. Very good app!


This post has received a 13.57 % upvote from @boomerang.

This post has received a 13.57 % upvote from @boomerang.

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