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Hi guys, today we will talk again about the Malazan Book of Fallen written by Steven Erikson. The other part is called the Deadhouse Gates. Let's get to work.

Although this chronological represents the second part of the book, many actions and events are new. Like the characters. When you start with this book, you will again have that feeling of confusion. It's like you're not able to follow the course of events. Do not worry, it's meant to be that way.

This book is follows some of our old acquaintances from the first part., Gardens of the Moon. The incredible art of narration is performed here as well, it may be better than in the first part actually. There we encountered struggles and deception, traps in the dark parts of the city and even darker streets. In the Deadhouse Gates, all of this seems to be forgotten, and the writer leads us into adventures through distant deserts, yapping mines that serve the exploitation of Imperial prisoners or those whom the Empire is most ashamed of.

On a completely different continent, where there are enslaved Seven Cities, enslaved by the Malazan Empire, there is an uprising. Rebellion called The Whirlwind. The long-awaited rebellion that will wake up much deeper and more fearful history of that country than anyone could assumed. The earth's layers lie there above the layers of human and not so human bones that once had laid down their lives for defending this parcel of land.

The writer gets us through several angles of looking at things. And that is perhaps the best part of his writing. No one is good enough that he can not become evil, or no one is corrupt enough to become a hero. All of his characters are people you can relate to, and that makes this so personal. While there are a lot of new characters, do not try to remember them immediately right from the start. You will also need a map of this amazing world in front of you if you want to faithfully follow the evolution of the events. Perspective of looking at things and characters created in this epic adventure, are changing while winds of destiny and that ancient history of this shape their life in the most incredible way.

You will come across with untainted souls who sacrificed a lot only for the sake of revenge. Souls that passes obstacles that are not made to be solved. Adventures and experiences that will break their souls into millions of pieces and make them anew. None of this means that they will be better people or fight for a more just goal. In fact, there is no right goal that you can catch up with and say, this is what I believe in. This also does not mean that there will not be characters that will grow to your heart.

You will meet scholars, formerly priests of various gods, magicians. All of them you can meet in the whirlwind of their lives physically separated but connected by suffering.

Throughout the book, a campaign of the brave commanders of the Malazan Army is conducted for refugees who must take it across the continent. This is an adventure you must experience. An awkward fight to the last man. Great conspiracies and ticks, the tactics of military geniuses and the choices of desperate people. This roadmap is something so magical that it is so often guided by the pen of this genius among the writers that these days will remain enchanted by the magnitude of this endeavor.

Equally good written are all parts that make this book so epic. You can see writers knowledge of history, methods of warfare, fighting, and equipment. But people, you can not believe with how much opulence and understanding are the words that describe suffering and the internal struggle embedded in such a harmony that you can only admire him. All the suffering, and there is no character that does not have one, are so thin and closely related to each character separately. The writer uses two characters as his own valve for these overwhelming feelings, both of which were former chroniclers and historians. Their view of that situations in which they are, it transcends everybody's imagination.

As before, all of these actions and events in the world of mortals were followed under the watchful eye of the Gods. Their lies and moves are small, they lay hands there or here a little bit. Some of characters even Gods must not oppose. For as their saying says, there is nothing more that the Gods fear, but the death from the hand of the mortal. All endpoints provide a logical explanation at the end of the book itself, and puzzle pieces begin to lie in place. But I can not get rid of the impression that all this creates more questions. You know when you get the answer to that one question you have, but at the same time hundreds of new questions are falling into your mind? That's the case here.

My advice, which I apply myself, is to enjoy it while it lasts, such books you will not meet the road again. The size of this book is reflected in the fact that a few days after reading, you will not be able to grasp the size of the sacrifice and the suffering described there. You will be caught up and under that same impression you will start a new adventure, or the next book in the series.

I'll see you when I read it, and I bring you fresh impressions.

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Interesting series. I had not heard about it. Thanks for sharing.
I think that any fantasy book that deals with gods and mortals in terms political enough as to make them resemble current events is worth the read. I liked the phrase that suggests that what gods fear the most is to be killed by humans. It takes us back to that idea that gods did not create us, we created them.
The same applies to powerful humans, a.k.a politicians/leaders/presidents/kings.


Yes, there are many great ideas in the books, you should try reading it.